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Maurice McGinley

User Experience Design Lead at AVG Innovation Lab,
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Maurice McGinleyMaurice leads the User Experience group at AVG’s Innovation Lab in Amsterdam. Previously, he successfully bootstrapped Ovis, creator of StateAlert, a public emergency warning system that got sold to the Western Australian State government in 2007. Maurice has served as Director and Partner at the startups Xyris, in New York, and Data Diction, in Australia. He has also worked as a UX designer and innovation consultant in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and The Netherlands, creating solutions for consumer electronics, first responders, personal health, and the financial industry.

  • Maurice writes about philosophy, psychology, neurology, technology, design, and culture at How I got my kink.
  • He almost never tweets about food or children as @urburn.
  • You can view Maurice’s pioneering work in quantifying his own sense of humor in the skills section of his LinkedIn profile.
  • And you can read his PhD thesis and academic writings.