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User Assistance

Debarshi Gupta Biswas

Senior Manager, Learning and Content Services at Cognizant Technology Solutions

With more than 15 years of experience in technical communication, Debarshi has developed documentation for a wide variety of business domains, including Banking and Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, Travel and Hospitality, and Oracle’s Siebel systems. He has also developed training materials, including simulations, and worked in the Web content space. Debarshi has extensive project and program-management experience, both onshore and offshore; has led diverse teams across geographical locations; and has worked directly with clients. Publications that have published his articles on technical communication include UXmatters; Usability Interface, a quarterly publication of the STC Usability and User Experience Community; TCWorld; and Indus, a bimonthly publication of the India Chapter of STC.


Delia Rusu

Information Developer at IBM Canada and Social Media Specialist and Blogger at EosGrafx

Social Media Specialist and Blogger at EosGrafx

Delia has over 15 years of experience in technical writing, information architecture, usability, and user assistance. At IBM Canada, she creates documentation for a variety of platforms and users. She also designs and develops user assistance, user interface text, error messages, and context-sensitive Help. Her interests include creative writing, blogging, social media, Web design, and usability. Delia holds a degree in Computer Science. She has served as a volunteer judge for the Society for Technical Communication competition. MoreMore

Karen A. Smith

Senior Technical Writer at Autodesk

Karen has nearly 30 years of experience in technical writing, information architecture, instructional design, curriculum development, and training delivery. At Autodesk, Karen designs and develops user assistance, including wiki Help, video tutorials, and self-paced learning courses for building design engineers. She has also developed e-learning courses and taught online classes for a variety of software platforms and users. Karen is a member of the Society for Technical Communication. MoreMore

Keith Smith

Co-founder and CEO at Payability

Keith’s company Payability offers financial support to suppliers of online marketplaces through an early payment program. Keith previously co-founded BigDoor, a company that designs user-centered, brand-loyalty programs, using gamification techniques and dashboard analytics for companies like Dell, CBS, and PacSun. MoreMore

Malobika Khanra

Technical Communicator at Cognizant Technology Solutions

With four years of experience in technical writing and Web content development, Malobika has worked on a variety of projects, creating online Help, user’s manuals, installation guides, training materials, promotional materials, and Web site content. MoreMore

Meghashri Dalvi

Owner and Consultant at TechR

Meghashri Dalvi has combined her love of writing with an engineering and management background to create a successful career in technical communication. She currently works as a consulting technical communicator in India and is pursuing doctoral research in management. MoreMore

Mike Hughes

User Experience Architect at IBM Internet Security Systems

In his role as User Experience Architect for IBM Security, Mike’s professional focus is on designing usable user interfaces that accommodate the user as learner. Previously, as User Assistance Architect at IBM, Mike identified tools, methods, and standards for integrating the content and delivery of user assistance, including documentation, Help, elearning, and training. He was formerly Lead UX Designer for CheckFree Corporation, where he instituted their User Experience Research and Design Center. Mike has a PhD in Instructional Technology from the University of Georgia and a Masters in Technical and Professional Communication from Southern Polytechnic State University. He is a Fellow with the Society for Technical Communication and a Certified Performance Technologist through the International Society for Performance Improvement. MoreMore

Monique Rivers

Content and User Experience Designer at Ninefold

Monique is a passionate Australian blogger. She believes that the key to resolving even the most difficult business communication problems and reaching a successful conclusion is a positive and attentive approach to communication. This strong conviction has led her to become involved with a number of companies and businesses, both across Australia and overseas, where she helped alleviate communication problems between customers and employees and improve the customer experience. With more than eight years of experience, working for various organizations, on a variety of marketing projects, and writing a plethora of articles pertaining to Web design, business development, and user experience, Monique still stretches herself everyday, seeking opportunities for growing and improving. MoreMore

Nicki L. Davis

Information Developer/User Experience Researcher

Nicki became interested in user experience when studying for her PhD in chemistry. To her dismay, she discovered that it took six months to learn how to use the analytical instrument she needed for her thesis work. To improve the usability of the instrument for herself and her fellow graduate students, she revamped the user assistance for the instrument, writing a task-oriented user manual. Since then, she has pursued her goal of making technology easier to use by whatever means are appropriate to the task, whether It’s user-centered design, user research, or technical communication. MoreMore

Niranjan Jahagirdar

Technical Editor at VMware

At VMware, Niranjan ensures the content that writers from various geographies create conforms to VMware standards. In addition to mentoring writers, he works with them to provide feedback on user interfaces to various product development teams. Niranjan also runs a network for graphic designers and Web designers called Papertree Studios. MoreMore

Rhonda Bracey

Managing Director at CyberText Consulting

Rhonda runs a technical communication consultancy from her home in the lush southwest corner of Western Australia. Since 1992, Rhonda has worked for numerous software companies, mostly as a technical writer. She is pedantic about unfriendly user interfaces and passionate about improving them. In the past few years, that passion has led her to take on the mantle of user interface expert within the small software companies in which she has been the lone technical writer and often the only user advocate. In 2008, she presented a session on “Techniques for Reviewing a User Interface” at the WritersUA Conference and will do so again in 2009. MoreMore

Samiksha Chaudhuri

Associate at Cognizant Technology Solutions

With more than seven years of experience in the field of technical communication, Samiksha has developed product documentation, as well as custom content that addresses the specific needs of IT services clients. She has developed content across various lines of business, including telecommunications, media and entertainment, banking and financial services, and healthcare. Key deliverables on which Samiksha has worked include user’s guides, online Help systems, API guides, simulations, and process models. Samiksha’s familiarity with contemporary, technical-publication standards has led to her working in the capacity of a peer reviewer on various projects. She has also mentored colleagues and brought them up to speed during project onboarding. MoreMore

Stacia Marlett

User Experience Designer at Digital River Inc.

Stacia worked as a technical writer for six years in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, in all sorts of industries, including the medical device, pharmaceutical, travel, and hospitality industries, and most recently, e-commerce. She has written everything from sales training materials to manufacturing user guides to system text. Although Stacia studied writing, technology has been her true passion for ten years. She is currently achieving her dream of leaving a mark in new technology by growing into a user interface design position at Digital River. Stacia has already successfully contributed to the redesign of a Web application and will continue working on that redesign project. She is also beginning a large project to overhaul an internal Web application, merging several individual tools into one. MoreMore

Todd Zazelenchuk

Principal Interaction Designer at Plantronics

For the past 12 years, Todd has led UX projects and teams in both industry and academic environments, including Plantronics, Intuit, Whirlpool Corporation, and Indiana University, where he earned his PhD in Instructional Technology and Human-Computer Interaction. He has authored peer-reviewed articles, contributed to Tullis and Albert’s Measuring the User Experience, presented at international conferences, and received design and utility patents for his work across multiple industries. MoreMore