Please Participate in the 2006 UXmatters Reader Survey

By Pabini Gabriel-Petit, Publisher & Editor in Chief

Published: November 6, 2006

The survey has closed. To view the results, click this link: 2006 UXmatters Reader Survey Results

To help our editorial staff better serve the needs of UXmatters readers, we are currently conducting our first annual UXmatters Reader Survey. We hope that you will take this opportunity to tell us what you want and need from your Web magazine for UX professionals.

You can let us know what kinds of content are of most interest to you, what topics you’d like us to publish articles about, and make suggestions to improve UXmatters.

We thank you for your participation.

This survey will close on November 30, 2006. Once we have completed our analysis of the survey results, we’ll share the results by publishing a report here on the UXmatters Web site.

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