Participation in the 2007 UXmatters Reader Survey

By Pabini Gabriel-Petit, Publisher & Editor in Chief

Published: November 19, 2007

The survey has closed. To view the results, click this link: 2007 UXmatters Reader Survey Results

To all of you who have already participated in our second annual UXmatters Reader Survey, thank you! Thus far, 67 people have participated in the survey—more than had participated in our survey at the halfway point last year. The more readers who participate in the survey, the better our editorial staff will be able to understand and serve your needs. So, we hope more of you will share your thoughts and a very small amount of your time with us and complete the survey before it closes on December 1, 2007.

Please take this opportunity to participate in the 2007 UXmatters Reader Survey. Completing the survey takes only about 10 minutes. You can let us know what kinds of content interest you, what topics you’d like us to publish articles about, and make suggestions to improve UXmatters. Once the survey closes on December 1, 2007, we’ll publish the results on the UXmatters Web site.

Thanks again for your participation!

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