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  1. The Five Competencies of User Experience Design

    November 5, 2007

    Throughout my career as a user experience designer, I have continually asked myself three questions:

    • What should my deliverables be?
    • Will my deliverables provide clarity to me and their audience?
    • Where do my deliverables and other efforts fit within the spectrum of UX design?

    I have found that, if I do not answer these questions prior to creating a deliverable, my churn rate increases and deadlines slip.

    When attempting to answer the third question, I use a framework I discovered early in my career: The Five Competencies of User Experience Design.PDF This framework comprises the competencies a UX professional or team requires. The following sections describe these five competencies, outline some questions each competency must answer, and show the groundwork and deliverables for which each competency is responsible. Read More

  2. Key UX Roles and Core Soft Skills

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    A column by Janet M. Six
    December 7, 2015

    In this edition of Ask UXmatters, our expert panel discusses the key UX roles on a typical project team, as well as the core soft skills that UX professionals need to succeed. Because there are many factors in a project’s success, it’s necessary to consider which of the many UX skills and roles are essential to the success of a given project.

    Of course, a team needs to consider what user research methods would help a team to understand the design problem a project is addressing, the application or Web site’s design—both the user interface itself and the information it conveys—and usability testing to validate that design. On a macro level, it is also vital to consider how a project’s design strategy can ensure that a design solution fits a product line, as well as a company’s overall business and brand strategy. And, of course, business analysis considers how a project will meet business needs and connect to the bottom line. The best design solution in the world provides no business value unless a company can successfully bring the product or service to market. Read More

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