Barnaby Nagy

Freelance UX Designer
London, England, UK

Barnaby Nagy Originally from Hungary, Barnaby is a freelance UX designer who works in the UK. He is keen on making things well organized and simple for users and believes that common sense and empathy are the most important attributes of UX professionals. Barnaby creates personas, sitemaps, user flows—or user journeys—prototypes, wireframes, and functional specifications for his clients. He also conducts usability testing in an endeavor to understand the needs of users and ensure that his UX design solutions meet both business requirements and the usability requirements of target users. His clients’ domains include ecommerce, banking, PR, law, healthcare, marketing, sports, training, motor trade, and real estate. Barnaby enjoys finding solutions to complex design problems and helping his clients to understand how User Experience can benefit their business.

For more information about Barnaby and his work, check out his Web site.

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