May 09, 2022 Edition

What User Experience and Hip-Hop Have in Common

May 9, 2022

Who is doing the research work to recruit, observe, and understand the perspectives of users who, while they need mainstream technology solutions, also want to fulfill their basic survival, health, and safety needs? Users that societal systems have marginalized—whose voices have mostly been locked out or remain unrecognized?

Those of us who identify as members of such marginalized groups are more likely to consider the voice of the voiceless in our work. We, the authors of this article, grew up with and live around these voiceless people. In fact, they are our relatives and friends. As Black psychologists and researchers who are working in the field of User Experience, we feel compelled to share our experiences with you. Read More

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Superior User Experience Can Democratize SaaS-Based Ad Tech

May 9, 2022

Digital advertising has gone through many stages of evolution throughout the years. However, ever since programmatic—that is, data-driven, automated, digital—ad buying has become the norm for the vast majority of all ad spending, UX design has largely been forgotten as an essential element of advertising-platform design. This is the case primarily because highly skilled, experienced traders are now operating the actual campaigns, so there is little need to create intuitive, easy-to-use platforms. If you are an agency or brand with sufficient resources to hire dedicated staff, this is completely fine. However, this means businesses that have smaller budgets often encounter severe challenges when it comes to entering into the digital-consumer activation space. Read More

Understanding User Behaviors Across Surfaces

May 9, 2022

As UX researchers, working on cloud products at Google, we aim to make our products easier for enterprise users to use—for example, the technical developers and administrators of large applications such as shopping and human-resources (HR) Web sites. A significant component of learning about users’ behaviors is understanding how they navigate across surfaces—the different devices on which they use our applications to complete their goals. For example, enterprise users who are building or managing an application or service such as a shopping Web site might work across multiple surfaces when building and testing the site.

We learned early on that switching between multiple surfaces is a natural behavior for enterprise users, but the key question we wanted to answer was when and why do users choose to move between surfaces. So we performed UX research to learn about these user behaviors. We also created a framework that would help teams across the company to prioritize the surfaces for which they should build. In this article, we’ll outline our research process and share the lessons we learned along the way. Read More

Frontend Versus Backend Web Development

May 9, 2022

People commonly use the terms frontend and backend in describing Web development. While frontend and backend development are quite different from each other, they are interdependent, and both play important roles in Web development. In this article, I’ll describe in detail the differences between frontend and backend development and explain what they are.

What Is Frontend Development?

The frontend, or client-side, refers to the part of a Web application or site that runs in a Web browser—the part that users can see and experience. It typically includes buttons, menus, and navigation bars and comprehends everything else with which the user can interact. Read More

Using Heatmaps to Optimize Your Web Site’s User Experience

May 9, 2022

Are you wondering how to become successful in the online marketplace? To be successful, your product or Web site needs to stand out from its competitors. UX optimization is the ideal way of accomplishing this goal. But how can you make your user experience better? In this article, I’ll show you how data visualization can help you optimize your Web site’s user experience and make your business a success.

User Experience Is Key

When your goals are boosting your conversion rates and making your Web site successful, your site’s user experience is key. A user-friendly Web site can help your business stand out from its competitors. Furthermore, when it comes to gaining a competitive advantage, the optimization of your Web site’s user experience can be a critical factor to consider. Read More

April 25, 2022 Edition

Why UX Research Repos Fail at Democratizing Insights

April 25, 2022

Why are the products we use every day simply crap?

This was the question that our founding team at Airtime asked ourselves when we started the company to build our collaborative research platform, in late 2020. Thanks to rapid digitization in all sectors, a huge amount of data is readily available for product managers in any field. So why doesn’t this data leave a mark on the products they create? To answer this question, we did some desk research, signed up with mentors, and organized user interviews.

We found that the fields of user research and product design are growing by high double digits, along with the software market. But, now that user-research tools are many and growing in number and products are still not working well, we’re convinced that there must be something wrong with the current research paradigms. Read More

Mobile App Versus Web Site: Which Is Better for Your Business?

April 25, 2022

In our current digital age, a marketing strategy is incomplete without a digital presence. No company can ignore the necessity of building a Web site. Many companies are now developing mobile apps as well.

One of the most important aspects of business involves taking your products and services to your customers, which means building an online presence. However, with so many different platforms available—especially with the growing popularity of smartphones—deciding where your business presence should be is an important decision.

The way in which consumers browse the Internet has changed considerably in recent years, with mobile devices now surpassing desktops for Internet usage. According to Statista, the average time Internet users spent online daily worldwide has decreased from 43 minutes on the desktop in 2011 to 32 minutes in 2021, with a steady reduction expected through 2022, and increased from 32 minutes on mobile in 2011 to 155 minutes in 2021. Read More

16 Top Design Trends for 2022

April 25, 2022

Every year, the significance of a Web site’s having a high-quality, up-to-date user interface (UI) and user experience continues to grow. Since more and more people seem to be almost perpetually drawn to their phone or computer, a Web site’s ability to create a positive brand perception and capture someone’s attention and interest is crucial to generating sales leads and online revenues.

One way to help influence potential customers’ buying patterns is by optimizing a Web site’s design. By delivering a seamless, enjoyable user experience, a Web site can bring a company one step—or perhaps several steps—closer to a sale and help a company gain a significant competitive edge. Let’s consider 16 top design trends for 2022. Read More

How Businesses Can Keep Their Web Designs Relevant and Appealing in 2022

April 25, 2022

As more and more companies launch Web sites, filling the marketplace with many different options, their developers must emphasize creating unique Web sites that stand out among the crowd. Plus, Web-site design must adapt to the latest consumer trends and emerging market capabilities to stay relevant. A well-designed Web site not only provides aesthetic visual appeal to customers but must also excel in other areas such as user experience, user friendliness, SEO, and online rankings.

Also, keep in mind that your business Web site is the face of your brand. It’s the first thing users see when they search for and find your business online. So make sure the first impression you give your visitors is unique, striking, and innovative. If you are looking to revamp your Web-site design in 2022, you can compel your customers to take action with the right combination of some key qualities, enabling your site to deliver a durable competitive advantage. Read More

9 Useful Principles of UX Design

April 25, 2022

In addition to optimizing a product or service’s branding, design, usability, and functionality, UX designers employ certain principles to ensure that they create products and services that provide optimal experiences to users. By following the principles I’ve outlined in this article, you can improve the quality of your UX design solutions.

UX Is Not Equal to UI

User-interface (UI) design is only one part of UX design. Improving a product or service’s UI design alone is not enough to optimize the user experience. The user interface is the space within which your target audience interacts with your brand. In contract, the user experience is the user’s emotional response to your product or service. By improving the user interface, you can make your product or service more usable and accessible to more people. However, this is not the totality of their experience when encountering your brand. Read More