December 05, 2022 Edition

Understanding Business Strategy to Drive Design Impact

December 5, 2022

Design matters for all businesses. In fact, eight in ten people are willing to pay more for a better customer experience. But, in many organizations, designers don’t have a seat in the C-Suite or any say in making larger business decisions. Often, designers and their business stakeholders don’t even speak the same language.

Time and time again, I see designers underselling their work internally because they don’t know how to show its connection to business strategy. As a consequence, companies fail to fund design work that could be very effective in helping them to tackle competitive threats. Read More

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Scaling UX Teams Through ResearchOps

December 5, 2022

UX research is vital to the successful design of a new product or when launching a key new feature. However, even though UX research is an essential part of an effective design process, it can be time consuming when you do it correctly. Research operations, or ResearchOps, is now playing a developing role within UX design. ResearchOps can provide UX researchers with the necessary frameworks and tools to gain valuable user insights efficiently, thereby enabling UX teams to do their finest work.

What Is ResearchOps?

ResearchOps refers to the staffing, procedures, methods, strategies, and tactics that enable effective, large-scale UX research across an entire organization. Its goal is to optimize the impact of UX research at scale. An organization must scale research operations along with its UX research practice. Read More

12 Tips for Designing an eCommerce Home Page to Increase Sales

December 5, 2022

For an ecommerce business, conversions are critical. Without sales conversions, your business won’t have cash flow. However, for ecommerce Web sites in the US, only 2.3% of visits convert into purchases. Therefore, designing an ecommerce Web site to achieve higher conversion rates is not a choice, but a necessity.

What strategy should you adopt in designing an enhanced ecommerce user experience? Before deciding, you should conduct a UX needs analysis that is based on your customers’ demands and painpoints. In this article, I’ll describe twelve ecommerce UX strategies that could help improve your ecommerce site’s conversions. Read More

Bad UX Writing: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

December 5, 2022

Good UX writing delivers an important aspect of any good user experience. The quality of UX writing shapes how users feel about using a product or service. So getting UX writing right is a crucial requirement. In this article, to help keep UX writers on the correct path, let’s consider five all-too-common mistakes to avoid. But, before we do, let’s look more broadly at UX writing and its importance in UX design.

What Is UX Writing?

UX writing expresses the essence of what the user encounters when using a product, Web site, or service. Good UX writing uses words to paint a picture. Another way to see UX writing is as a series of guides that steer users in interacting with a user interface. Read More

Can Smart UX Design Support ERP Systems?

December 5, 2022

What is an ERP system? Microsoft defines enterprise resource planning (ERP) as “a type of software system that helps organizations automate and manage core business processes for optimal performance. ERP software coordinates the flow of data between a company’s business processes, providing a single source of truth and streamlining operations across the enterprise.”

An organization can use enterprise resource–planning (ERP) software to meet many different corporate requirements, including accounting, sales, customer-relationship management (CRM), product management, and supply-chain management. However, without a unified UX design, users will struggle to use such systems to carry out their essential tasks. Regardless of your employees’ level of IT literacy, they should be able to utilize and comprehend the system quickly. Therefore, ensuring the success of ERP software requires its design using user-centered concepts. Read More

November 21, 2022 Edition

Best Free Tools for Setting Up a Continuous Research Practice

Continuous Research

Running a continuous research practice

A column by Peter Veto
November 21, 2022

My company built Airtime UX on the assumption that a collaborative, continuous research practice is superior to a dedicated research team’s running big-budget, discrete research projects several times a year—in many cases, working in isolation from one another. Collaborative research is effective because a whole product team can gain insights instantly while also getting face time with clients. Plus, collaborative research breaks down organizational silos. Continuous research is effective because having regular, light touchpoints keeps your client relationships going, lets you iterate product designs on the fly, and costs less.

Let’s assume that the many benefits of this research paradigm have convinced you and that you now want to adopt collaborative, continuous research in your company. While you can involve more colleagues from more product teams in your research, you’ll also have to book more, albeit shorter appointments with outside research participants. This involves a lot of additional administrative effort. Read More

Using Analog UX Strategy Tools

November 21, 2022

When you’re participating in large stakeholder meetings, using analog UX strategy tools can often be a helpful and fun means of clarifying and working through a product, problem, user goals, or business goals. In this article, I’ll explain some benefits of using analog tools during large meetings and workshops, as well as how to encourage people’s participation and develop a shared understanding among everyone who is involved.

Discovering Analog Tools

From concept to execution, using hands-on tools throughout the UX design process can improve collaboration, communication, and the organization of your ideas in ways that digital tools cannot. For example, when kicking off a project, using simple sticky notes to post your ideas on a wall can offer huge benefits. In his book Change by Design, Tim Brown, CEO of the design and innovation company IDEO, recommends using sticky notes because they allow a group of people to agree on solutions when many possibilities exist. People bring their unique knowledge and expertise to the table, and using sticky notes lets you organize large amounts of information concisely, while keeping a meeting fun and interesting. Read More

4 Mobile Must-Haves for a Modern UX Design Strategy

November 21, 2022

In the wake of a global digital shift away from landlines, 83% of the world’s population now own a smartphone. As new services, products, and experiences move into online realms, more consumers are tapping into digital realities on a mobile device than ever before.

From the proliferation of social-media platforms to the post-pandemic ecommerce boom, smartphone devices now play a key role in the digital native’s daily life, making them the hotspot for marketers who are eager for success.

The competition to win over smartphone-based consumers is becoming fierce, so modern-day marketers must prioritize a mobile-first approach to their Web site’s design, tone, and functionality if they want to stay on top of industry trends. Read More

Incorporating Accessible Design Elements into Your Web Site

November 21, 2022

Committing to Web accessibility can shift the outlook of your entire business. When you design your Web site while keeping accessibility in mind, you not only benefit users with disabilities but also help in building a better experience for all your users and consequently improving brand perception.

So, if you want to develop a new Web site for your business, you must build a team that is proficient in making Web sites that are fully accessible for all users. In this article, I’ll describe accessible design elements and how to incorporate them into your Web site to make it easily accessible to all. Read More

Lazarev.Agency of Ukraine Receives Red Dot Design Award

November 21, 2022

The Red Dot Design Award is one of the world’s most prestigious awards that creatives can win for outstanding quality and exceptional achievements in design. Among the world-renowned companies that have received this award are Apple, Google, Sony, and Xiaomi. In 2022, Ukrainian agencies were among the winners list in various categories, including Lazarev.Agency, which received five awards in the Brands and Communication Design category.

This year’s award winners were honored in Berlin at the Red Dot Gala, which took pace on October 28, 2022. Lazarev.Agency attended the event. Other Ukrainian agencies that were among the winners included companies such as Awesomic, Bickerstaff.734,; Excited, a digital-product design agency; fedoriv, Grape, IAMIDEA agency, MOZGI GROUP, Plai Büro, Qubstudio Digital Product Design and Branding Agency, Superheroes, Techiia Holding Limited, The First The Last, and Taktika Agency. Let’s take a look at some of the projects that won awards in 2022. Read More