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  1. Book Review: How Design Makes the World

    January 18, 2021

    This is a review of a PDF, media version of the book How Design Makes the World that I received from the author, Scott Berkun.

    Cover: How Design Makes the WorldEvery once in a while, I read an article or a book that seems to have channeled my own thoughts. My reading of Scott Berkun’s latest work, How Design Makes the World, was just such an experience.

    Throughout my career, I have advocated User Experience as more than simply a way of designing Web sites or apps, but instead a design methodology that begins with people. Plus, as Berkun notes in his opening lines, “Except … the natural world, if you look at everything you have ever loved, hated, used, or purchased…, it was all designed and made by human beings.” With that in mind, every person and organization engages in design—though to what degree they are successful is debatable. Read More

  2. Ethical Design: Why Is It Critical for UX Designers?

    February 22, 2021

    How many times have you seen design solutions that showcased male chauvinist attitudes or marketing content that exhibited racial or gender biases? The content that designers create represents our social thought, values, and culture. Similarly, any product’s design embodies a value system, clearly indicating the designer’s beliefs and moral principles.

    While the biases in some design solutions and content are deliberate and unethical, the creators of other designs and content consciously adopt an ethical stance and reject such biases. The intent of a UX designer to design great products that follow moral principles is ethical design.

    In this article, I’ll describe how unethical designs occur, as well as explain the concept of ethical design. I’ll also describe how you, as a UX designer, can create change within your company—merely by following the best ethical-design practices. Read More

  3. Book Review: Make Your Customers Dance

    February 22, 2021

    Cover: Make Your Customers DanceIn learning theory, a constructivist approach suggests that, among other things, the ability to gain new knowledge depends on a learner’s existing knowledge. The experience of trying to explain to people what User Experience is bears out this philosophy. In his book Make Your Customers Dance, Marc Majers illustrates the importance of user experience, while describing its tools and tactics in an accessible way.

    Marc has a diverse background, as a Web designer, UX professional, and, of course, a wedding DJ. Many associate User Experience with Web sites, mobile apps, and software. Some go further and include products and services. Marc’s approach is unique in that he describes the design of a real-world experience: a party or wedding reception. Read More

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