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  1. Navigating Growth Design: Frameworks, Challenges, and Success Stories

    October 23, 2023

    In this article, I’ll explore a topic that is getting a lot of attention lately: the roles of growth design and product design, or UX design. Drawing from my experience as a product designer in the Growth department, I’ll share my perspective on the specifics of working in growth design.

    Both growth design and product design share the same end goal: enhancing user experiences, but their methods and processes vary. Product design sets the stage by creating the initial user interfaces. Growth design takes things a step further by using the analytics data and learnings from other types of research to refine these user interfaces for better customer engagement and conversions. What’s more, growth designers tend to experiment more than product designers, using data to quickly make changes and drive growth. Read More

  2. Designing for Behavior Change: UX and Psychological Perspectives

    Envisioning New Horizons

    A critical look at UX design practice

    A column by Silvia Podesta
    November 6, 2023

    The surge of enthusiasm for behavioral design in recent years should come as no surprise. In recent years, as most nations struggle with disproportionate societal and environmental vulnerabilities, the focus of governments and policymakers has turned to how to encourage people to adopt new habits, for both the individual and the collective good.

    This matter implies a questioning of entrenched lifestyles and modes of existence that have come to define our identity—as citizens, consumers, and digital users. It’s a prickly issue for the discipline of User Experience as well.

    User experience and human behavior are, by necessity, intertwined. Historically, the job of designing for the digital realm has been one of prodding users to take desired actions. Arguably, the best conduit for achieving that is a great user experience! Read More

  3. How to Develop Your UX Design Philosophy

    April 11, 2022

    A good UX design requires and revolves around a clear design philosophy and guiding principles. A creative UX designer is aware that UX design has the power to undermine the customer experience (CX), which means the way UX designers approach the design process should never be an afterthought.

    Usually, UX designers have no philosophical problem to solve because they are inherently curious and observant throughout the design process. In line with their philosophy, UX designers should still pay close attention to creating accessible, intuitive designs that solve common problems. Read More

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