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  1. 5 Ways to Hook SaaS Users on Your Product

    May 17, 2021

    Building a SaaS (Software as a Service) business from the ground up can be challenging. Having spent a lot of time coming up with a unique idea that generates value for your customers, you want to see the business grow.

    Growing a SaaS business is not an easy road to follow. Dozens of obscure SaaS startups never take off or fail during the early stages of their existence. To grow and sustain your SaaS business, you need to find a way to onboard new customers and keep their churn rate low.

    In this article, I’ll describe five ways to hook users on your SaaS product. But first, you need to understand what a SaaS company is. Read More

  2. UX Paradise, Part 4: The Customer Experience

    August 23, 2021

    In this article, which is Part 4, the final part, of my four-part series, I describe how customers would hypothetically experience Delta Market—a fictitious chain of more than 500 medium-to-large, high-end grocery stores and an organization at the highest level of UX maturity. This article also describes how customers might experience the gap between Delta Market’s high UX maturity and the low UX maturity of Delta’s biggest competitor, Alpha Market. The outcome of this comparison demonstrates how organizations can justify the substantial costs that are necessary to increase and maintain their UX maturity.

    This series has presented Delta’s journey from low UX maturity, the UX Swamp, to high UX maturity, the UX Paradise. In Part 1, I described Delta Market in 2012, including the personas and the UX maturity model they had decided to use. Part 2 related the story of Delta’s journey from the UX Swamp to UX Paradise. Part 3 described Delta Market in 2020, after the company had attained UX Paradise. Read More

  3. Fostering Trust to Build Community

    April 9, 2018

    The world we live in has become disconnected. We have easy access to all the people we could ever want to interact with, but many would argue that communications have become shallow and less authentic as we rely more heavily on digital communities for social interaction. How can we avoid this shallowness and design more depth into our interactions with others?

    Brené Brown’s book Braving the Wilderness takes an in-depth, research-based approach to exploring this topic. She has conducted grounded theory research to learn what makes people feel like they belong. She found that trust is a key component of belonging. What makes people trust? Brown created the BRAVING framework, which comprises the following elements that must be present for people to trust one another:

    • Boundaries
    • Reliability
    • Accountability
    • Vault
    • Integrity
    • Generosity Read More

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