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  1. Using Social-Media Tools to Connect with Users: A Case Study

    October 19, 2015

    From Facebook to Twitter, Snapchat to Periscope, the vast majority of Americans use a wide variety of social-media tools every day. It’s surprising, then, that there are few examples of researchers using social platforms to engage with their target audience.

    When our team at Fell Swoop was presented with the challenge of learning about the marketing ins and outs of Millennials and Gen Z, we realized that social media would be the perfect place to start. To assemble our group of test participants, we used traditional recruiting methods to find thirty 18–24 year olds. We then created a Facebook group as the platform for sharing information and encouraging participation. What we learned: using social-media tools—in this case, Facebook and Skype—as a platform for engaging with your users can be illuminating. What follows is an account of our interactions with participants, what worked well, and what didn’t. Read More

  2. Measuring the ROI for UX in an Enterprise Organization, Part 1

    February 6, 2018

    To stay relevant and avoid disruption through advances in technology or globalization, more and more organizations have embraced user-centered design and UX research methods. Thus, after years of fighting for a seat at the decision-making table, it is becoming more common for UX professionals to find one there. Still, executives often ask UX teams to quantify the value and return on investment (ROI) of their UX efforts. While calculating the ROI of User Experience can be challenging for consumer products and services, it can be truly daunting in enterprise organizations.

    This series of articles will describe our journey of discovery in learning how to measure the ROI of User Experience at a large, Fortune-500 company that develops human capital management software and services.

    The company had made the decision to invest in several innovation centers throughout the US. Observing the adoption of User Experience in other large enterprises such as IBM, General Electric, Capital One, Honeywell, Philips, and JPL, they came to believe that user-centered design was an essential component of the innovation equation. Therefore, they established our UX team just over three years ago. Read More

  3. Keys to a Successful Digital Strategy: CapTech Ventures

    October 20, 2014

    One of the major benefits of a modern digital strategy is its innate ability to centralize an organization’s numerous different operational facets. In other words, it gives us the ability to avoid the fragmented approach that we often encounter in the world of 21st century business. Why is this so important? The answer to this question is as simple as it is critical. For any business, interdepartmental accountability is key to streamlined operations—and without effective cross-channel communications, efficiency will suffer as a result. An example that shows the critical nature of digital strategy is the way in which CapTech Ventures provided a from-the-ground-up digital strategy for the energy giant Dominion Resources. Read More

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