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  1. User Experience, Entrepreneurship, and Redesigning Democracy: An Interview with Dirk Knemeyer

    September 22, 2014

    Dirk Knemeyer, shown in Figure 1, is a UX thought leader, an entrepreneur, a game designer, and a former UXmatters columnist. Recently, I had the opportunity to talk with Dirk about his experiences as a UX professional and entrepreneur, as well as his reflections on the state of democracy in the United States and how we can use design thinking to imagine a more participatory form of democratic government. Read More

  2. Interview: Paul Bryan and UX STRAT 2013

    May 20, 2013

    For many years, UX strategy has been an important part of my work, so I’ve observed the evolution and recent expansion of the profession of UX strategy with interest. Paul Bryan, who is shown in Figure 1, has played a key role in developing UX strategy as a profession—first by establishing the UX Strategy and Planning group on LinkedIn, now by organizing the UX STRAT 2013 conference, which will take place in Atlanta, Georgia, on September 8–11, 2013. So, for our UX Strategy special edition, I’ve interviewed Paul to find out more about his take on UX strategy and plans for the upcoming conference. Read More

  3. User Experience Design in Asia

    January 5, 2011

    Over the last few months, as 2010 started winding down, we had the good fortune to travel around Asia to places that included Nanjing and Guangzhou, in China; Singapore, for UX Singapore; and Taipei, Taiwan. We ran workshops, gave presentations, met with members of the local UX communities, and of course, enjoyed the good Asian food that usually gets wrapped around our travel experiences in Asia. Trips we took to New Zealand and Australia—for UX Australia, where Dan gave his presentation “The Value of Asking Why—also gave us some exposure to UX design there. Read More

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