Cory Lebson

Owner and Principal User Experience Consultant at Lebsontech LLC
Silver Spring, Maryland, USA

Cory Lebson Cory established his small, successful UX consulting firm in 1997 and has been a UX consultant for nearly 20 years. His core client base has included a number of Federal government, commercial, non-profit, and educational organizations. Lebsontech focuses primarily on UX strategy, user research, and associated training. Cory greatly enjoys teaching topics relating to user experience and technology and frequently gives talks and workshops on UX career development, usability, user experience, information architecture, mobile UX, and accessibility. Recently, he has been a guest on a radio talk-show and published several articles on user experience. Cory has an MBA in marketing and technology management, as well as an MA in sociology and a BS in psychology. Cory is Past President of the User Experience Professionals’ Association (UXPA) International and is Past President of the UXPA DC Chapter. He is also author of the forthcoming book UX Careers Handbook.

Read Cory’s blog, DC Usability.

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