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  1. Spatial Computing: A New Paradigm of Interaction

    Conscious Experience Design

    Designing for the evolving human+machine relationship

    A column by Ken Olewiler
    February 19, 2024

    As UX designers, along with the rest of the world today, we’re hyperaware of the impact and momentum of generative artificial intelligence (AI)—so much so that we’re now wondering whether people might be focusing so much on a few trees that they’re forgetting to consider the forest. Allow me to explain. While AI is undeniably a sea change in computing, it ultimately represents a much broader revolution in which technology is becoming more human centric and human conscious. Essentially, technology is now learning to adapt to people, as opposed to people needing to learn and adapt to new technologies.

    As part of this shift, technology is expanding not only its cognitive abilities but also its sensory, social, and ethical capabilities. Within the expansion of technology’s sensory abilities, we’re seeing advancements and growth in spatial computing. Spatial context and movement within three-dimensional spaces are core human-sensory abilities, and thus, likely new growth areas in humanizing machine interactions. Spatial computing has emerged as one of the most compelling paradigms that are melding with AI—so compelling that we can consider it the third wave of interactions in personal computing. Read More

  2. Designing the Future: Trends and Innovations

    December 18, 2023

    Design is an intrinsic part of human culture, reflecting our ability to shape and improve the world around us. Whether we’re considering the architecture of our cities, the products we use daily, or the digital user interfaces that connect us globally, design is the language through which we express our creativity, solve problems, and envision the future.

    Design encompasses multiple disciplines, including UX design, graphic design, industrial design, fashion design, and interior design, among others. Each of these domains contributes to the aesthetics, functionality, and user friendliness of the products and environments with which we interact. Read More

  3. Online Medicine-Delivery Apps Are Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry

    April 17, 2023

    With the rise of technology, many industries have experienced a digital transformation, and healthcare is no exception. The healthcare industry has been evolving rapidly. One of the most significant changes is the emergence of online medicine-delivery apps, which are changing the way people access healthcare and making it more accessible and convenient.

    In this article, I’ll explore the benefits of online medicine-delivery apps and show how they are revolutionizing the healthcare industry. Read More

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