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  1. Building a UX Feedback System That Works for Your Colleagues

    July 25, 2022

    The more senior your customers are in their profession, the harder it is to get them to talk to your UX researchers. Fortunately, these customers are already communicating with your company via other avenues and constantly feed insights to your sales team, customer-success managers, and marketing specialists.

    Businesses receive a lot of exploratory feedback through all these channels: customers report their problems and blockers, make requests, ask questions about sales demos, and express their doubts during business-development qualification calls. All of this is valuable information, but without a robust system in place, businesses fail to capture and use it effectively. Read More

  2. AI and Automation in Product Management: Opportunities and Limitations of Emerging Tools

    October 23, 2023

    The merging of artificial intelligence (AI) with automation has reshaped several sectors in the fast-expanding environment of modern business, including product management, which is an industry that has undergone tremendous change. Product management, which has traditionally relied on human insights and decision-making, is increasingly embracing AI and automation to improve productivity, accuracy, and the user experience. This article investigates the role of AI and automation in product management, investigates the opportunities they present, discusses their limitations and challenges, investigates how they could improve the user experience, provides insights into the future outlook, and makes recommendations for effectively leveraging these technologies.

    The Role of AI and Automation in Product Management

    Product management includes strategic product planning, development, and optimization. Its goal is to fulfill consumers’ wants and accomplish company objectives. By injecting data-driven insights and optimizing numerous procedures, AI and automation have transformed this function. These technologies enable product managers to make educated decisions that are based on massive volumes of data, resulting in more effective resource allocation and higher levels of customer satisfaction. Read More

  3. Incorporating Accessible Design Elements into Your Web Site

    November 21, 2022

    Committing to Web accessibility can shift the outlook of your entire business. When you design your Web site while keeping accessibility in mind, you not only benefit users with disabilities but also help in building a better experience for all your users and consequently improving brand perception.

    So, if you want to develop a new Web site for your business, you must build a team that is proficient in making Web sites that are fully accessible for all users. In this article, I’ll describe accessible design elements and how to incorporate them into your Web site to make it easily accessible to all. Read More

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