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  1. 6 Questions to Ask Yourself When Preparing for a UX Portfolio Review

    September 6, 2021

    A portfolio review is a review of your body of work as a UX designer and a demonstration of your presentation skills and your ability to identify what is important to your audience. The process starts with preparing your work artifacts and planning what to say and how to say it—long before the portfolio review ever happens. This article details my process when preparing to present my own portfolio and what I look for in job candidates during such reviews.

    Question 1: What is the problem the design is trying to solve?

    When you’re discussing a design during a portfolio review or an interview, the first thing many interviewers look for is whether the problem you’re trying to solve is well defined. But candidates often present business goals as the problem—such as This project was a reskin—or personal goals—such as This was a class assignment. Or they completely skip over the problem and go right to the solution. Every good design starts with a clear vision of the problem you’re solving, so any discussion of a project should start with a clear problem statement. If you do not clearly articulate the problem, your audience won’t be able understand the purpose of the design, and they won’t be confident in your abilities as a UX designer. Read More

  2. Storytelling for UX, an Interview with Whitney Quesenbery and Kevin Brooks

    November 1, 2010

    I had the good fortune of speaking with both Whitney and Kevin about their new book Storytelling for User Experience: Crafting Stories for Better Design. According to Rosenfeld Media:

    “This book looks across the full spectrum of user experience design to discover when and how to use stories to improve our products. Whether you are a researcher, designer, analyst, or manager, you will find ideas and techniques you can put to use in your practice.”

    Now, onto the interview…

    Daniel: Why the book?

    Whitney: Because thinking about user experience as a form of storytelling and, more importantly, thinking of our own process as a form of storytelling is something that was out there, but no one had really collected up in a coherent form. So I thought this was a chance to look at storytelling that way. Read More

  3. An Interview with Mary Treseler, Co-chair of the New O’Reilly Design Conference

    November 8, 2015

    Mary Treseler, shown in Figure 1, is Strategic Content Director at O’Reilly Media, long-time purveyor of technical books with distinctive covers that feature beautiful illustrations of animals. She is also Co-chair of the O’Reilly Design Conference, the latest addition to O’Reilly’s conference offerings. The inaugural O’Reilly Design Conference will take place on the San Francisco waterfront, January 20–22, 2016, and there are also some two-day, pre-conference training courses on January 19–20. Read More

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