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  1. UX Strategy and Planning: An Interview with Peter Morville

    April 24, 2017

    Peter Morville, shown in Figure 1, is one of the founding fathers of information architecture. But, lately, he has been writing and teaching workshops on the topic of UX strategy and planning. He took some time to talk with me about his recent work, as well as his upcoming workshop, “Planning for Strategic Design,” which will take place May 24–25, 2017, as part of XD Silicon Valley, UX STRAT’s new training event for experienced UX professionals.

    During this interview, we touched a bit on Peter’s history, then discussed the evolution of information architecture, how the ascendancy of user experience has impacted information architecture, Peter’s shift toward planning for strategic design, and the impact of current technology trends—the Internet of Things, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence—on the future of information architecture. I hope you enjoy this chat with Peter as much as I did. Read More

  2. Interviewing Steve Portigal About Interviewing Users

    August 5, 2013

    Steve PortigalSteve Portigal, a fixture on the design research scene and founder of Portigal Consulting, has written a new book titled Interviewing Users. His book compiles the insights he has gained from decades of conducting ethnographic research into a highly accessible, informative, and thought-provoking guide. I recently had the pleasure of talking with Steve about his book.

    Jeff: Thank you for sitting down with me to talk about your book. You’ve been presenting some of the ideas in Interviewing Users at conferences and on your blog for some time now. What was your process for coalescing and curating all of that content into a book?

    Steve: It was a pretty interesting process. As you say, writing this book was a chance for me to finally put together all of these things that I had been mulling over, teaching, and writing about for such a long time. Maybe I’d been telling a story in workshops for a while, but I’d never really written it down in full. There were also some things that I’d been glossing over—like “I can’t really explain how this works, it just does.” So, what was exciting in the writing process was to reflect on those thoughts and realize that I could flesh some of these pieces out, now that I was removed from the immediate mode of presenting. Read More

  3. An Interview with Nick Wiles, Head of User Experience at Atom Bank

    Innovating UX Practice

    Inspirations from software engineering

    A column by Peter Hornsby
    July 11, 2016

    Atom Bank is a new, online-only bank that is remarkable for its clear emphasis on user experience. Nick Wiles, Head of User Experience at Atom Bank, who is shown in Figure 1, has brought some truly innovative design thinking to the typically very staid banking sector and is also notable for having some of the most amazing facial hair in User Experience! Read More

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