Janet M. Six

Product Manager at Tom Sawyer Software
Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Janet M. Six Dr. Janet M. Six helps companies design easier-to-use products within their financial, time, and technical constraints. For her research in information visualization, Janet was awarded the University of Texas at Dallas Jonsson School of Engineering Computer Science Dissertation of the Year Award. She was also awarded the prestigious IEEE Dallas Section 2003 Outstanding Young Engineer Award. Her work has appeared in the Journal of Graph Algorithms and Applications and the Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science. The proceedings of conferences on Graph Drawing, Information Visualization, and Algorithm Engineering and Experiments have also included the results of her research.

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A column by Janet M. Six
When UX Designs for Difficult Tasks Must Be User Friendly
September 2021
Using Objectives and Key Results to Inform UX Design
August 2021
The Future of UX Design
July 2021
UX Research for Worldwide Products
June 2021
Agile, Spiral, Lean, DevOps, and User Experience
May 2021
Prioritizing Parts of a Design Project
April 2021
The Role of a Chief Empathy Officer
March 2021
Performing a UX Audit on an Existing Product
February 2021
Creating Presentations for Stakeholders
January 2021
Remote Collaboration for UX Design Teams
December 2020
Tips for Conducting Remote UX Research and Testing, Part 2
November 2020
Tips for Conducting Remote UX Research and Testing, Part 1
October 2020
Differentiating UX Strategy from Tactics
September 2020
Creating Low-Fidelity or High-Fidelity Prototypes, Part 2
August 2020
Creating Low-Fidelity or High-Fidelity Prototypes, Part 1
July 2020
UX Design for Compliance-Heavy Applications
June 2020
The Relationship Between User Experience and Branding
May 2020
Dealing with Clients Who Focus on Only One Aspect of a UX Design
April 2020
Navigating a UX Job Search
March 2020
Is Focusing on Agile or Lean Damaging the Practice of UX? Part 2
February 2020
Is Focusing on Agile or Lean Damaging the Practice of UX? Part 1
January 2020
Empowering Teams to Work Better Together
December 2019
Artificial Intelligence and User Experience
November 2019
Crafting a UX Portfolio
October 2019
Choosing Whether to Create a Responsive Web or Native App
September 2019
Emerging Technologies and User Experience
August 2019
User Research and Design for Voice Applications
July 2019
Integrating UX Design into a Continuous-Delivery Environment
June 2019
Reflections on Our Journey So Far
May 2019
Eliciting Business Requirements
April 2019
The Scope of User Experience
March 2019
Conducting International User Research
February 2019
ResearchOps and User Experience
January 2019
Collaborating with Automated UX Tools
December 2018
Integrating User-Research Findings into Strategy
November 2018
The Role of Soft Skills in Conveying Strategy to Executives
October 2018
September 2018
UX Design for Personalization
July 2018
Testing Low-Fidelity Versus High-Fidelity Mockups
June 2018
Creating a UX Team within a Large Enterprise
May 2018
Becoming an Agile Company
April 2018
How to Stand Out in the Expanding Field of User Experience
February 2018
A Shift from Engineering-Driven to Design-Driven Business Models
January 2018
Pros and Cons of Fixed-Price UX Design Services
December 2017
Tools for Remote, Collaborative UX Design
November 2017
What UX Designers Really Want from User Research
October 2017
Testing Products People Will Use in a Variety of Environments
September 2017
User Experience and Agile
August 2017
What to Do When You’re the Only UX Designer on a Project?
July 2017
The Most and Least Valuable Contributions of UX Designers
June 2017
Establishing a UX Budget
May 2017
Books That Have Influenced Our UX Careers, Part 3: Books on Topics Other Than UX
April 2017
Books That Have Influenced Our UX Careers, Part 2: Applied UX Research
March 2017
Books That Have Influenced Our UX Careers, Part 1: Design
February 2017
The Differences Between Enterprise and Consumer UX Design
January 2017
Discovering and Applying UX Best Practices
December 2016
Common Problems UX Leaders Encounter
November 2016
Making the World a Better Place Through User Experience
October 2016
Effective UX Leaders
September 2016
UX Trends
August 2016
The Next Big Thing in User Experience, Part 2
July 2016
The Next Big Thing in User Experience, Part 1
June 2016
Merging User Experience and Systems Engineering
April 2016
Defining Clear Product Requirements | Viewpoints for Design Reviews
March 2016
User-Centered Design Artifacts
February 2016
The Purpose of Site Maps and Other Design Deliverables
January 2016
Key UX Roles and Core Soft Skills
December 2015
Distinguishing Yourself as a UX Professional
November 2015
Identifying and Validating Assumptions and Mitigating Biases in User Research
October 2015
Recruiting the Right Participants for User Research
September 2015
Is Technical Writing Part of UX?
August 2015
Inspiration for UX Design from the Arts and Sciences
July 2015
User Interface Design Flaw Cause of Ford Recall | User Research: How Much Is Enough?
June 2015
Asking Probing Questions During a Usability Study
May 2015
How and When to Involve Stakeholders
April 2015
Should Your Entire Product Team Observe Usability Testing?
March 2015
Responsive Web Design for eCommerce Web Sites
February 2015
The Future of Large UX Design Firms
January 2015
Fostering Innovation and Creativity | Project Scoping
December 2014
Making User Experience Part of Business Strategy | Understanding a Product’s Target Culture
December 2014
Fundamental Principles of Great UX Design | How to Deliver Great UX Design
November 2014
Persuading Clients That the Need for User Research and Usability Testing Is Real
October 2014
User Experience and Accessibility | Working with Visual Designers
September 2014
Capturing and Categorizing Online Information Resources
August 2014
Learning About and Modeling Users
August 2014
What to Do When Your Boss Insists That You Use Pop-Up Banner Advertising?
June 2014
Dealing with Long Field Names | Analyzing Users’ Tasks
May 2014
How to Spot Good UX Designers
April 2014
Why Is It So Hard to Find Good UX People?
March 2014
Achieving Alignment: Collaboration Versus Wireframes?
February 2014
Conducting Expert Reviews: What Works Best?
January 2014
The Best Ways to Prioritize Products and Features
December 2013
Doing User Research at an eCommerce Startup
November 2013
The Importance of Collaborative UX Design
October 2013
Responsive Web Design for Corporate UX Design
September 2013
UX Concepts and Practices That We Wish Would Just Go Away!
August 2013
Balancing UX Strategy with Lean and Agile | Roles in UX Strategy | UX Versus CX Strategy
July 2013
Retail UX Strategy Trends
June 2013
Key UX Strategy Methods, Tools, and Deliverables | Communicating UX Strategy
May 2013
Responsive Web Design and Accessibility
April 2013
Are Rapid Prototyping, Lean UX, and Agile Development Good for User Experience?
March 2013
UX Design Tools
February 2013
Designing Tablet Apps
January 2013
Trends in User Experience
December 2012
Conducting Effective Design Critiques
November 2012
Designing Customer Feedback Surveys
October 2012
Developing Empathy | Designing for Foreign Cultures
September 2012
Thinking Globally
August 2012
Identifying Product Value, Then Designing the Right Product
July 2012
Championing UX During a Company Merger
June 2012
Finding Your Favorite UX Conference
May 2012
Agile User Experience Design
April 2012
Soft Skills for UX Designers
March 2012
Organizational Stories That Teach UX Designers | Professional Roadmaps
February 2012
How Important Are UX Degrees and Certifications?
January 2012
Encouraging Participation and Fun During Collaborative Design Sessions
December 2011
Interviewing Candidates for UX Jobs
November 2011
Bridging User Research into Design
October 2011
Portfolios for Independent UX Designers
September 2011
The Integration of User Experience into Software Development
August 2011
Determining Product Value | Android Design Patterns
July 2011
Managing A Globally Distributed UX Team
June 2011
Teamwork and Collaboration Across Departments
May 2011
Integrating UX into Agile Development
April 2011
A UX Vision’s Purpose and Benefits | Cultures That Foster Great Design
March 2011
Designing an Office Space That Encourages Great Design
February 2011
Design Thinking | Employing Design Principles | Defining Ease of Use
January 2011
Essential and Desirable Skills for a UX Designer
December 2010
Going Mobile, Part II: When to Go Mobile | Reuse Your Web Design or Start from Scratch?
November 2010
Going Mobile: Designing for Different Screen Sizes | Promoting Your Mobile App
October 2010
Analyzing Data from Field Studies | Wiki Design
September 2010
Using Visuals in Presentations for a Technical Audience
August 2010
Career Alternatives to Management | Best Design Practices for Blogs
July 2010
Favorite UX & Technology Blogs | Learning About New Web & Mobile Applications
June 2010
Designing for Senior Citizens | Organizing Your Work Schedule
May 2010
Putting a Paper Form Online | Avoiding Dropouts and False Information | Applying Aesthetics
April 2010
Pagination in Web Forms | Evaluating the Effectiveness of Web Forms
March 2010
Enterprise User Experience: Building a UX Group | Hosting a Get-to-Know-UX Event
February 2010
Label Alignment in Long Forms | Paper Prototyping for Engineers
January 2010
Usability Testing with Time Constraints | Remote Usability Testing
December 2009
Usability Testing on a Budget
November 2009
Usability Testing Versus Expert Reviews
October 2009
Effective UX in a Corporate Environment: Part II
September 2009
Effective UX in a Corporate Environment: Part I
August 2009
Generating Ideas | Your Versus My in User Interfaces
July 2009
Moving into User Research | Establishing Design Guidelines
June 2009
Using Verbs As Nouns in User Interfaces | UX Roles in Organizations
May 2009
Using Prior Work in Your Portfolio | Moving from MIS to UX
April 2009
Evangelizing UX Across an Entire Organization
March 2009
Writing Usability Requirements and Metrics
February 2009
Evaluating UX | Incorporating UX Design in a Project | Using Flash on a Home Page
January 2009
Self-Education in UX and Working with User Research Data
December 2008
Choosing the Language for a User Interface
November 2008

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