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  1. Usability Audit of the Zara Web Site

    September 11, 2023

    Zara is a global brand that is based in Spain, has a broad audience, and offers its customers an unparalleled shopping experience. Since its inception, Zara has been at the forefront of the online-shopping space. In this article, I’ll share my analysis of the Zara Web site, examining its functional capabilities and design features to better understand how the brand achieves ecommerce success and caters to the needs of modern consumers. Is the Zara Web site truly as convenient and stylish as its clothing? Let’s dive in and find out!

    The Zara Home Page

    The unconventional home page has both advantages and disadvantages. So before you consider how to implement a similar approach on your Web site without compromising on usability, it’s important that you understand your users and know whether they’ll be able to grasp this design concept. Implementing a unique layout could be appropriate for gaming or fashion-related sites, among others, but it would be odd to see such a layout on the Walmart or Bank of America site. Read More

  2. User Experience at the End of Consumerism

    Envisioning New Horizons

    A critical look at UX design practice

    A column by Silvia Podesta
    January 8, 2024

    Imagining a world without consumerism is a very difficult exercise. For a very long time, we’ve all been immersed in a socio-economic system that is geared toward maximizing the purchasing and ownership of goods. But imagining a future in which online shopping would be no more—at least not in the frantic, addictive form it has taken over the last decade—would be an interesting speculative experiment for a UX designer today.

    However, after all, this might not be such a useless a stretch of the imagination as one might think. On Black Friday in November 2023, the French government launched a campaign to warn people off impulsive shopping to “save the planet and their finances.” [1] Plus, the ongoing climate-change debate is becoming rife with calls to rethink our consumer behaviors. So let’s suspend our rational judgment for a moment to envision a future that would be very different from what we know today. What could the digital landscape look like in a post-consumerist world? What could we take from such a vision to make today’s Web a better place? Read More

  3. The Role of Navigation and Information Architecture in the Ecommerce Experience

    June 19, 2023

    Navigation design and information architecture are crucial design elements of any Web site or application, but are especially important for an ecommerce Web site or app. They provide a blueprint for the whole Web site or app and are largely responsible for the site’s usability and, thus, for gaining traction with users.

    To ensure the success of your ecommerce Web site or app, you must pay close attention to the design of its user experience—the most critical element of a Web site or app’s success. Your ecommerce site’s or app’s navigation design and information architecture are of particular importance because they help improve the user experience.

    The way a Web site or app is structured and the ease with which users can find what they’re seeking can make or break the ecommerce shopping experience. In this article, I’ll explore the significance of navigation design and information architecture to the ecommerce experience and show how they impact the customer journey. Read More

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