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  1. The User Interface Vanishes: How Smartware Will Change the User Experience


    The evolution of computing

    February 19, 2018

    In this column on the future of computing, we’ve examined how a handful of advances in technology, including the Internet of Things (IoT); along with sciences of human understanding such as neuroscience and genomics; and emerging delivery platforms such as 3D printers and virtual-reality (VR) headsets will together transform software and hardware into something new that we’re calling smartware.

    Smartware are computing systems that require little active user input, integrate the digital and physical worlds, and continually learn on their own. Now, in this, the final edition of our column on smartware, we’ll consider how the powerful capabilities of smartware will enable new interactions and user experiences that, over time, will become seamlessly integrated into our digital lives. Read More

  2. The Opportunities of Cloud Computing

    February 19, 2018

    There are a number of technological drivers that are affecting the way interaction design is currently evolving. Even more than artificial intelligence and virtual and augmented reality, cloud computing has become the new norm for information technology (IT) in all kinds of companies. What does this mean for interaction designers?

    In this article, I’ll explain what cloud computing is and its four major benefits for designers and users:

    1. Democratized innovation
    2. Seamless, personalized experiences
    3. Native collaboration
    4. Robust user experiences

    I’ll also explain a few common misconceptions about cloud computing, as well some concerns and misconceptions that people have about computing in the cloud. Read More

  3. Excerpt from Natural Language Processing for Social Media

    February 6, 2018

    This is an excerpt from Atefeh Farzindar and Diana Inkpen’s book Natural Language Processing for Social Media, Second Edition. 2017 Morgan & Claypool Publishers.

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    Chapter 3: Semantic Analysis of Social Media Texts

    Cover: Natural Language Processing for Social MediaIn this chapter, we discuss current NLP methods for social media applications that aim at extracting useful information from social media data. Examples of such applications are geo-location detection, opinion mining, emotion analysis, event and topic detection, summarization, and machine translation. We survey the current techniques, and we briefly define the evaluation measures used for each application, followed by examples of results. Read More

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