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  1. User Experience at the End of Consumerism

    Envisioning New Horizons

    A critical look at UX design practice

    A column by Silvia Podesta
    January 8, 2024

    Imagining a world without consumerism is a very difficult exercise. For a very long time, we’ve all been immersed in a socio-economic system that is geared toward maximizing the purchasing and ownership of goods. But imagining a future in which online shopping would be no more—at least not in the frantic, addictive form it has taken over the last decade—would be an interesting speculative experiment for a UX designer today.

    However, after all, this might not be such a useless a stretch of the imagination as one might think. On Black Friday in November 2023, the French government launched a campaign to warn people off impulsive shopping to “save the planet and their finances.” [1] Plus, the ongoing climate-change debate is becoming rife with calls to rethink our consumer behaviors. So let’s suspend our rational judgment for a moment to envision a future that would be very different from what we know today. What could the digital landscape look like in a post-consumerist world? What could we take from such a vision to make today’s Web a better place? Read More

  2. Optimizing the Supply Chain: A Strategic Approach to UX Design

    November 20, 2023

    User-centric supply-chain systems are now essential for companies who want to give users a good experience. An effective UX strategy is crucial to achieving this goal.

    The importance of UX design to the success of a digital product or service is becoming more widely acknowledged. User-interface (UI) design, a subset of UX design, focuses on designing a product or service that is aesthetically pleasing to its target audience.

    Designing a supply chain with both the user experience and the user interface in mind ensures that everyone working within a supply-chain ecosystem will find it pleasing and easy to use. Together, UX design and UI design can help you deliver what users want. Read More

  3. Engaging Your Audience Through a Seamless Happy Path

    May 6, 2024

    UX design and UI design are all about creating seamless user experiences. One way of achieving this goal is by strategizing a happy path for your audience—an ideal user journey the user can take when using a product or service. In this article, I’ll cover everything you need to know about creating happy paths in UX design. Let’s dive deeper so you can understand how to optimize user journeys for maximal user engagement and satisfaction.

    What Is a Happy Path?

    The happy path represents an ideal journey that the user can take when interacting with a product or service. It is the smoothest, easiest to follow route that leads users to their desired outcome, whether they’re using a mobile app, Web site, or even shopping in an online clothing store. This scenario is free from errors, confusion, or obstacles that could frustrate the user or hinder the user experience. Read More

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