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Strategy: Design Strategy

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  1. Principles for Mobile Design

    Mobile Matters

    Designing for every screen

    A column by Steven Hoober
    August 7, 2017

    I am a principled designer. I also like to think I am a principled man, but today, I’m going to talk not about my moral guideposts, but about the principles I use in mobile design.

    We all have many tips and tricks, styles, favorite research learnings, lists of heuristics to keep in mind, examples we try to follow, and favorite apps and Web sites. These are all tactical approaches to design. Using design principles means adding a layer of structure and meaning to your design tactics to help you to make better design decisions. Read More

  2. Applied UX Strategy, Part 5.1: Outcome-Driven Design

    April 10, 2017

    In the first part of my series on applied UX strategy, I outlined a UX maturity framework. Parts 2–4 of this series provided in-depth coverage of some operational and tactical aspects of implementing UX strategy, including requirements for product designers, employing platform thinking to ship quality products, setting up a design team, and creating a design culture. Now, I’ll begin my discussion of how to solve business problems through design.

    In Part 5.1, I’ll discuss the use of a shared language between business and design, then solving business problems through design. Finally, I’ll consider the transformation of the product designer’s role in depth, which progresses through three stages:

    1. Helping product teams identify and solve user problems, which I’ll cover here in Part 5.1
    2. Evaluating maximal outcomes for problem solutions, which I’ll cover in Part 5.2
    3. Moving from problem solving to innovation, which I’ll also cover in Part 5.2 Read More

  3. From Page to Stage to Screen: Designing an Omni-Channel Experience

    Dramatic Impact

    Theater and the creative process of design

    A column by Traci Lepore
    March 23, 2015

    When I heard that a movie version of Into the Woods was coming out, I was so excited! I loved the musical and figured the story was strong enough that it couldn’t be a bad movie. And, honestly, it didn’t matter, because I am enough of a fan that I was going to see it—no matter what. Plus, with Meryl Streep as the witch, how could they go wrong?

    Of course, I saw the movie on its opening day—and I was pleasantly surprised. More than that, actually—I thought it was a fantastic translation from stage to big screen. What made the movie so enjoyable had to do with more than just the great story, the sensational acting, or even the humor and witty dialogue. The production took full advantage of the benefits that the medium of film offers—in combination with the core, strong story lines—to realize the greatest potential of Into the Woods. Read More

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