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  1. How Our Expectations for Modern User Experience Evolved in 2020

    April 5, 2021

    In 2020, Disney announced plans to prioritize its streaming services going forward. The media and entertainment giant realized how valuable on-demand content has been to people during the pandemic, prompting it to create more material for that medium.

    This move makes sense from a strategic standpoint. After COVID-19 hit, people who were fortunate enough to remain employed experienced major changes in when, where, and how they worked. Their attention and time quickly became fragmented as they jumped between attending video conferences, caring for their children, arranging more meals at home, and more.

    As a UX professional, you should take note of Disney’s decision. When people don’t have as much time to spare, they are less forgiving of products, services, and tools that fail to meet their needs. Unless you’re considering what the modern user needs at work and at home, your approach to UX strategy is not comprehensive. Read More

  2. Realistic or Flat Design? Be Style Agnostic

    June 23, 2014

    When creating a new visual design for a software user interface, don’t just adopt the popular style of the year. Instead, get to know your audience by conducting user research, then deliver a design that’s appropriate for that audience. In this article, I’ll offer some process tips that will help you to make your next visual design project a success.

    That Is So 2014!

    For the past 18 months, there has been a lot of discussion around design styles. Realism versus flat design has been the biggest point of debate. I follow many designers on Dribbble, a popular design-sharing site. If you peruse the user-interface mockups that appear on Dribbble—for example, those shown in Figure 1—you’ll notice that they all look very similar. Nothing really stands out. What is the common thread? It’s clear that flat design is the current flavor of choice. But will this still be the trend in three years? I doubt it. Read More

  3. Current UX Design Trends That Engage Users

    August 17, 2020

    UX design and user-interface (UI) design are crucial factors in the success of Web sites, both Web and desktop applications, and mobile apps—any software systems with which humans interact.

    Customers constantly visit many different Web sites and use many different mobile apps, so businesses need a way to somehow draw their attention and make them stay on their platform.

    UI design comprehends every visual element of a design, including animations, widgets, images, color, and text. Of course, good visual design can capture people’s attention, and that is its ultimate goal. Having an eye-catching design for your Web site or product can make it stand out in the marketplace. Read More

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