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  1. The Perpetual Super-Novice

    Envision the Future

    The role UX professionals play

    A column by Paul J. Sherman
    December 3, 2007

    In this column, I want to further explore one of the issues I mentioned in my inaugural column. I call it the problem of the perpetual super-novice. What is this? Simply put, it’s the tendency of people to stop learning about a digital product—whether it’s an operating system, desktop application, Web site, or hardware device.

    After initially becoming somewhat familiar with a system, people often continue using the same inefficient, time-consuming styles of interaction they first learned. For example, they fail to discover shortcuts and accelerators in the applications they use. Other people learn only a small portion of a product’s capabilities and, as a result, don’t realize the full benefits the product offers. Why? What can operating systems, applications, Web sites, and devices do to better facilitate a person’s progression from novice to expert usage? Read More

  2. Envisioning the Future of User Experience

    Envision the Future

    The role UX professionals play

    A column by Paul J. Sherman
    April 9, 2007

    Welcome to my UXmatters column—Envision the Future. In this column, I will share my perspectives on the role UX professionals will play in the future and answer a few forward-looking questions about the field of user experience such as:

    What is the future of user experience as a practice, as a philosophy of design, and as a research topic?

    What are the challenges and opportunities facing UX practitioners as we strive to better integrate our methods, processes, and philosophies into traditional ideation, design, and development processes?

    These are big questions. User experience happens whether someone has designed the elements influencing a user’s experience thoughtfully or accidentally. Anywhere there’s a user interface, there’s an interaction waiting to happen and a user experience about to occur.

    I intend to explore these areas of inquiry in several ways. I’ll write about particular topics relating to the questions I’ve posed and carry out interviews and discussions with a variety of people in our field—from the visionaries to the UX managers and individual contributors who daily create and validate the user experiences of products and services. Read More

  3. 8 Things You Should Be Doing in Your UX Practice, but Probably Aren’t

    Envision the Future

    The role UX professionals play

    A column by Paul J. Sherman
    July 19, 2009

    Let me get a bit meta with you right at the top. This month’s column is more than a touch formulaic. But here’s the thing: The reason columnists keep coming back to drink from the X-things-you’re-not-doing-but-should well is because readers find it irresistible. Why? Because, when this format is done right, it scratches the itch that UX professionals have for self-improvement—for lifting themselves out of their ruts.

    So, enough with this combined apology/meta explanation, let’s get right to it. In no particular order, here are 8 things you should be doing to improve and grow in your professional practice, but that you’re probably not doing—or not doing enough. Read More

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