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  1. Elements of the Employee Experience: The Interview

    July 5, 2021

    With this article, we’ll kick off our new series about the employee experience, exploring the current state of various elements of the employee experience (EX) that people encounter at work, implications for the acquisition and retention of talent by organizations, and our vision for what the future holds for the employee experience.

    In this series, we’ll explore some emerging workplace trends within the context of hybrid work arrangements, including both work contexts that are on site, within an office, and remote-work contexts. The impact of the global pandemic on the way we work has made these topics more important than ever. The employee-experience element in focus in this first installment of our series is The Interview. Read More

  2. Powering Success Through Employee User Experiences

    February 20, 2023

    Throughout modern history, technological innovations have always been a boon for businesses. After all, new technologies give companies new ways of satisfying their customers, scaling their operations, and increasing their potential for success. Now, with the advent of business-focused technologies such as cloud-based computing and SaaS (Software as a Service), companies worldwide are more empowered than they have ever been before.

    But so many businesses around the world fail to make optimal use of the technologies at their disposal. In fact, recent research shows that up to 70% of digital-transformation initiatives fail to meet their outlined objectives. Of course, unsuccessful digital transformations have clear opportunity costs, but the harsh reality is that the repercussions of such failures can be both much more severe and long lasting. In this day and age, businesses that repeatedly fail to leverage new technologies struggle to survive over the long term. Read More

  3. Unleashing the Power of the Employee with a Great User Experience

    October 3, 2022

    Over the last several years, the way in which we think about our employees has evolved. The phenomenon of the great resignation, our commitment to delivering high-quality user experiences, and a desire for enhanced productivity have all been drivers of this evolution. Think of this as UX 2.0: employee retention and recruitment and achieving user satisfaction through a heightened focus on user experience, security, and productivity are demanding that Information Technology (IT) teams recognize users now have more power than ever before.

    At my company, to ensure that our employees would continue being productive throughout the pandemic, we gave notebook computers, Zoom accounts, and other collaboration tools to our newly remote or hybrid workers. Now it’s time to move on to the next step by fully realizing the benefits that hybrid working can bring—among them enhanced employee engagement. Our workforce is ready to move from post-crisis mode to a new way of working that better reflects the fact that flexibility in location and work style are now choices that employees often demand. This reality represents a dramatic shift from pre-COVID days. In all likelihood, your employees have the same needs and are making similar demands. Read More

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