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  1. Strategy Versus Tactics

    3 x 5 UX

    Strategy and tactics in a nutshell

    A column by Liam Friedland
    February 2, 2015

    The idea behind my new UXmatters column, 3 x 5 UX, is an idea that formed several years ago when I was preparing for a Pecha Kucha event. I wanted to document a handful of key UX concepts and share them with the UX team that I lead. Simple visualizations seemed like a promising approach. To constrain my slideware exuberance, I hit upon the idea of using 3 x 5-inch note cards and simple, hand-drawn visualizations as an expressive medium for this content. To keep my drawing skills intact, I typically use 3 x 5 cards to capture ideas, manage my daily to-do lists, and dash out quick sketches. Creating visualizations at that size for my presentation required a minimalist approach and was both challenging and fun. My team enjoyed the presentation, and I thought these cards might have value for a broader audience. Pabini Gabriel-Petit, publisher of UXmatters, agreed and 3 x 5 UX, was born. Read More

  2. Integrating User-Research Findings into Strategy

    Ask UXmatters

    Get expert answers

    A column by Janet M. Six
    November 19, 2018

    This month, the Ask UXmatters expert panel considers how best to make user research relevant to the company vision and integrate the learnings from research into product and corporate strategy. Key discussion points include making user research part of the product design and development lifecycle from the beginning of a project and establishing a clear connection between user research and product and corporate strategy.

    Our experts also discuss the value of aligning on a shared vision and strategy that have user research at their foundation, our ability to influence corporate strategy, as well as the importance of getting out of our silos and involving key stakeholders throughout the user-research process to prevent their perceiving user research as a phase that is separate from the rest of product development. Finally, our experts describe how to become strategic and consider the benefits of having a C-level leader—or at least someone in a very senior position—oversee User Experience. Read More

  3. When the Experience Is the Business Strategy, Everyone Wins

    Selling UX

    A unique perspective on service UX

    A column by Baruch Sachs
    April 10, 2017

    There are few hard and fast rules in consulting. Variances in our customers, projects, engagement models, and other factors all contribute to there being a significant amount of breadth and depth in what we do. This, in turn, requires us to be flexible in our methods and the deliverables we produce. But one hard and fast rule that does exist—at least in my world of consulting—is this: It does not matter if you are right. It matters that you are helpful.

    As a consultant, when you ensure that everything your do for and with your clients aids them in achieving their business strategy, you also enable their providing a world-class user experience and, thus, ensure your own success. Luckily for all UX professionals and our profession, more organizations than ever are rapidly embracing the concept that the experience is the business strategy. This change is occurring because these companies are recognizing that they need to flawlessly conceive and execute their product and service experiences to solidify their place in the marketplace—whether to sustain a leadership position or move into a leadership spot. Read More

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