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  1. Expressing Ideas Through Mind Maps

    Enterprise UX

    Designing experiences for people at work

    December 19, 2022

    You’ve probably heard the popular saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. As UX design professionals, we make our living by communicating clearly through the use of visual elements and affordances, thus, enabling the productivity of others. If we do our job well, we seldom need to rely on using many words. Instead, the visualization skills that we hone through our profession benefit not only the users of the products we design; if we leverage them correctly, they also make our colleagues, stakeholders, and ourselves more productive.

    Productive teams are typically teams that communicate well and have a shared understanding of what they’re trying to accomplish. Their shared understanding often stems from expressing their ideas and concepts in unique ways that gain stronger footholds in the minds of others, which fuels the team’s greater productivity. While there are many methods of expressing ideas and concepts that could aid our productivity, we’ve found that creating mind maps is one of the most effective techniques because of its versatility and scalability. Read More

  2. 3 Ideas for Your Day-to-day UX Activities

    February 21, 2022

    As UX designers, each of us has our own practices and techniques that can help us to successfully do the work we do every day. Although some techniques are in wide use and everyone from the oldest veteran to the newest rookie knows them, others may be the secrets of a particular organization and gain broader adoption over time.

    At some point, all of us will most likely need to come up with our own additions to our UX design toolkit—whether that means devising our own techniques or adapting the techniques of others. In this article, I’ll share three new ideas that you might add to your toolkit. My hope is that they could make your everyday life as a UX designer a little bit easier. Read More

  3. Book Review: Sprint

    November 19, 2018

    Cover: Managing Chaos“Speed.” This was the unflinching response Sandy Cutler, former Eaton CEO who is now retired, gave at a public meeting in Manhattan roughly ten years when a Wall Street analyst asked what worried him the most. Taking his answer further, Cutler said he was concerned that, as the company swelled through both acquisition and organic growth—already to nearly 100,000 employees globally—it would slow down. To be competitive, the company needed to be as fast as its smallest competitor.

    People working in virtually every industry I’ve dealt with, in organizations from a few hundred to a hundred thousand, often say the same thing: “We’re too slow.” The fact is that, as you grow—even from a one-person show to a two-person partnership—your decision-making process becomes more complex and you begin to plant the seeds of bureaucracy. Left unchecked, bureaucracy seems to scale geometrically—the larger the organization, the more overhead bureaucracy requires. Workers need supervisors, those supervisors need managers, managers require directors, and on it goes. Read More

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