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  1. Creating Conceptual Comics: Storytelling and Techniques

    April 14, 2006

    An IA Summit 2006 Workshop: Presented by Kevin Cheng and Jane Jao

    I have a confession to make. I almost didn’t sign up for the Creating Conceptual Comics workshop. When I saw it listed in the IA Summit program, several questions came to mind.

    • First, how could anyone fill a whole day with a topic like this?
    • Second, with all the “serious” stuff in the same time slot, shouldn’t I do one of those workshops instead?
    • And third, I don’t really know how to draw all that well; so what could I do with comics anyway?

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  2. Conference Review: Enterprise UX 2018, Part 3

    May 21, 2019

    In Part 1 of my Enterprise UX (EUX) 2018 review, I gave an overview of the conference and reviewed Jorge Arango’s very enjoyable “San Francisco Architecture Walking Tour.” Then, in Part 2, I shared some highlights from Day 1 of the main conference, which convened on Thursday, June 14, at the Mission Bay Conference Center, on the UCSF (University of California, San Francisco) Mission Bay campus. On Day 1, the BUILD theme was the focus in the morning; the COMMUNICATE theme, in the afternoon.

    Now, in Part 3, I’ll cover some highlights from Day 2 of the main conference, Friday, June 15, whose sessions focused on the theme INVEST in the morning and the theme SCALE in the afternoon. Issues relating to investment and scalability are key factors in the success of User Experience within enterprise organizations. Read More

  3. Review: UX and Digital Design Week 2017

    July 23, 2018

    Future London Academy’s UX and Digital Design Week 2017 took place August 14–18, in London. Throughout the week, we visited a variety of design studios and product companies and learned a lot about the way they work, including their projects, products, processes, management, culture, and all the things that shape them. The lineup for the program was great as always, featuring Moving Brands, Microsoft Lift, Territory, Deliveroo, Moo, Made by Many, NomNom, Monese, Analog Folk, Firedrop, and Andrea Picchi.

    In this review, I’ll provide an overview of the conference, describing its

    • organization
    • venue
    • hospitality
    • content
    • presenters
    • proceedings
    • community Read More

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