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  1. Usability in China: Encore

    January 8, 2007

    Our story starts in late 2004, at the Make the World Simpler event in Shanghai, China—a modest-sized meeting of UX professionals that was organized by the China chapters of the Usability Professionals’ Association (UPA). At this meeting, leaders of the mainland China and Hong Kong UPA chapters met to discuss organizing a usability conference in China. We decided to call the conference User Friendly.

    Our objectives were simple yet bold: The leaders of the China chapter wanted to raise the profile of usability engineering and user-centered design in China and create the biggest usability conference in the region. We also wanted an event that the China usability industry could call its own. We figured that the best way to do this was to target people who are passionate about integrating usability into their products and give them a chance to meet, network, and attend talks and tutorials by leaders in user experience. Read More

  2. Review: Enterprise UX 2017, Part 2: Conference, Day 1

    April 30, 2018

    The main Enterprise UX (EUX) 2017 conference took place on Thursday, June 8, and Friday, June 9, at the Innovation Hangar in San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts.

    In Part 1 of my review of EUX 2017, I covered the overall conference experience, including its organization, content, presenters, proceedings, venue, hospitality, events, and attendee community. Jim Nieters and I also reviewed the full-day workshops we each attended on Wednesday, June 7:

    • Strategy for Design Leadership”—Dave Malouf, Director of Product Design at Digital Ocean
    • Product Management for UX People”—Laura Klein, Principal at UsersKnow, and Kate Rutter, Principal at Intelleto

    Now in Part 2 of my review, I’ll cover Day 1 of the main conference. Across two full days of conference sessions, the organizers provided a highly enjoyable and edifying conference experience. Read More

  3. Conference Report: The Web and Beyond

    October 23, 2006

    In the beautiful surroundings of the Pathé Tuschinski Theatre in Amsterdam, the Dutch chapter of SIGCHI—, now rebranded as—on June 8th, 2006, held its 10th annual conference, which was entitled The Web and Beyond, as shown in Figure 1. The conference focused on the challenges and opportunities Web 2.0 presents to the field of user experience design. Read More

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