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  1. Conference Review: O’Reilly Design Conference 2017

    February 6, 2018

    The overarching theme of the second annual O’Reilly Design Conference was “Prepare to Design the Future.” The conference convened March 20–22, 2017, at the historic Westin St. Francis¬†Hotel, on Union Square in San Francisco. Monday, March 20, provided a full day of tutorials, while the main conference took place on March 21 and 22. O’Reilly Media delivered a better conference experience than in 2016 and again provided very high-quality content.

    In Part 1 of this review, I’ll cover the following aspects of the conference experience:

    • Organization
    • Content and Presenters
    • Proceedings
    • Venue
    • Hospitality and Events
    • Community
    • Tutorials Read More

  2. UX STRAT Europe 2017: Amsterdam

    January 22, 2018

    The experience of a UX conference starts with its mise en place. You won’t find Paul Bryan’s UX STRAT in the nondescript caverns of a Javits Center or amidst the carpeted horrors of your local Marriott. While this is partly a matter of scale—this intimate conference is unlike the massive SXSW—UX STRAT’s organizers have an awareness that the built environment affects the human interactions that foster learning and that these human interactions are of paramount importance.

    This single-track conference attracts a tight-knit audience, has a humanistic feel, and provides a bracing alternative to the many √† la carte, multitrack, mega-conferences. UX STRAT was one of the first conferences to focus on UX strategy and is the most in-depth conference of its kind—though various others have now copied it with mixed results. There are no perfunctory conversations. Everyone is engaged. The sense of community is powerful. Yet the conference isn’t cliquish. Read More

  3. UX STRAT 2014, Part 2: Day 1 of the Conference

    May 4, 2015

    In Part 2 of our UX STRAT 2014 review, we’ll cover Day 1 of the main conference, which took place on Monday, September 8, at the Boulder Theater, in Boulder, Colorado. Paul Bryan, producer of UX STRAT 2014, welcomed everyone and opened the conference. The program for Day 1 of the conference was packed with great content. Read More

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