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  1. Democratization of UX Insights: What Does This Really Mean?

    August 12, 2019

    In 1999, nearly 20 years ago, I conducted my first Web site usability test. Wow! I still vividly remember how it felt to conduct that type of research. That was back when no one understood how to design Web sites, let alone had any insights into what made a great digital experience. At that time, being able to conduct a usability test felt like a luxury that others had yet to experience. A large bank had commissioned that study. Of course! Only those with excess cash were running usability tests back then.

    Those who have been in the field of User Experience since the ’90s know exactly what I mean. Fortunately, things have improved dramatically in the last few years. There’s much more user research being conducted and far more insights are available than ever before, which ultimately translates into better digital product experiences.

    Given how critical User Experience has now become as a competitive advantage, the thirst for those insights is growing exponentially. Good UX design has become strategic. Now, it’s not just UX researchers and designers, but product managers and even C-level executives who are seeing the value of powerful UX insights in improving digital experiences. Read More

  2. Conference Review: UX Strategies Summit 2014, Part 1

    March 9, 2015

    As more and more UX professionals, consultants, agencies, and other businesses embrace the future that is UX strategy, it was inevitable that there would be more conferences focusing on UX strategy, including some from companies whose primary business is organizing conferences. One such conference is the UX Strategies Summit, which is presented by the Global Strategic Management Institute (GSMI). Their goal is to provide conferences and workshops “covering topics that today’s leaders find most challenging and inspiring.” The inaugural UX Strategies Summit took place in San Francisco, California, at the Marines’ Memorial Club & Hotel, spanning three days—June 10–12, 2014—including one day of workshops and two days for the “General Summit.” Read More

  3. Conference Review: Enterprise UX 2018, Part 3

    May 21, 2019

    In Part 1 of my Enterprise UX (EUX) 2018 review, I gave an overview of the conference and reviewed Jorge Arango’s very enjoyable “San Francisco Architecture Walking Tour.” Then, in Part 2, I shared some highlights from Day 1 of the main conference, which convened on Thursday, June 14, at the Mission Bay Conference Center, on the UCSF (University of California, San Francisco) Mission Bay campus. On Day 1, the BUILD theme was the focus in the morning; the COMMUNICATE theme, in the afternoon.

    Now, in Part 3, I’ll cover some highlights from Day 2 of the main conference, Friday, June 15, whose sessions focused on the theme INVEST in the morning and the theme SCALE in the afternoon. Issues relating to investment and scalability are key factors in the success of User Experience within enterprise organizations. Read More

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