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  1. Is Your User Experience Saving the World?

    June 22, 2020

    Recent months have brought an extraordinary number of simultaneous crises—from the global pandemic of COVID-19 to high unemployment and economic uncertainty to systemic social injustices. Any one of these events alone would be destabilizing. Taken together, they place individuals and societies under unprecedented strain.

    More than ever, empathy matters. More than ever, user experiences matter. Even as some states and countries lift restrictions relating to COVID-19, for the foreseeable future, we’ll have significant limitations on our personal interactions and experience potential challenges in meeting our foundational needs. As many essential activities have, by necessity, gone online or transitioned to virtual formats, UX designers now have a unique role to play in the changes occurring in the everyday lives of millions of people. With that power comes responsibility. Read More

  2. Robots Do It Better: Why Users Love Self-Service Technologies

    February 8, 2016

    Let’s face it. While the Internet was designed to make us more connected, it’s also making it easier for us to avoid one another. Just think about that for a moment. Yes, you can reach out and communicate with people in the most distant corners of the Earth, but at the same time, there is nothing more irksome than receiving an actual phone call when an email message would have sufficed.

    For example, there’s been a shift in hiring practices. Remember when you were supposed to pound the pavement, handing out a stack of resumes and letting people see your face? Today, no HR manager in the world wants you showing up at his or her door. Even if you did, they would just┬átell you to go online and fill out a form or submit your resume via email. Read More

  3. The Value of a Good Service Experience for School Admissions

    Service Design

    Orchestrating experiences in context

    A column by Laura Keller
    March 23, 2015

    I have lived in Jersey City, New Jersey, for almost ten years. My now-husband and I moved here primarily for easy access to Manhattan and Brooklyn, which are a quick train ride away. But we also saw much potential in this second-largest city in New Jersey. While the neighboring metropolis dwarfs Jersey City, our city has its own respectable share of restaurants and bars; plus we appreciated its arts and culture. We’ve created roots and friendships here and, in 2009, plunged into home ownership, making a commitment to stay in Jersey City for a while.

    Now, in 2015, Jersey City has a new mayor who is making the city even more of a destination, in an attempt to encourage residents of New York City to consider a move here. Jersey City was previously reputed to be unfriendly to new businesses and developers, but has revamped its processes and offered financial benefits to encourage investment. A new condominium or business building seems to open every six months, and the City exhibits an energy that was lacking when we first moved here. Read More

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