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  1. UX Design Defined

    June 18, 2012

    Unfortunately, in the field of user experience, people often confuse terms like information architecture, interaction design, visual design, usability engineering, and UX design. In some cases, people use these terms almost interchangeably. This article provides a lexicon of these terms and more clearly defines the role of the user experience designer.

    Information Architecture

    Information architecture (IA) focuses on the organization of data—that is, how data is structured from a user’s perspective, as opposed to the system, or technical, perspective.

    At the level of an entire Web site, or application, information architecture determines what data is on each page and how pages relate to each other. For example, defining a site map is an IA activity. At the level of an individual page layout, information architecture ensures that data is logically grouped and interrelated. Read More

  2. The Composite Intelligence of Virtual Assistants

    October 8, 2007

    As early as 1968, influenced by visionary movies such as Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, with its fictional computer character HAL 9000, we envisioned omniscient, intelligent machines that could easily contain the whole range of human knowledge. Then, in 1987, the Knowledge Navigator video from Apple Computer struck our imaginations and greatly boosted our expectations of what computers would be able to do for us in a few years’ time.

    It is now 20 years later, but technology is still very far from fulfilling such hopes regarding virtual assistants:

    1. Voice recognition isn’t immediate.
    2. People adapt to machines’ lexicons rather than the other way around.
    3. Computers cannot easily transcend the scope for which they have been programmed.
    4. Self-learning machines are still experimental.
    5. The generation of high-quality graphics representing emotionally rich, 3-D avatars is far from being real time, cheap, or extensively available.

    Read More

  3. Great User Experiences Require Great Front-End Development

    Breakthrough Application Design

    Designing game-changing experiences

    April 24, 2012

    With this article, we’re introducing our new column—Breakthrough Application Design—Designing game-changing experiences. In this column, we’ll discuss innovative approaches to application design that are based on our personal experience in the trenches.

    How can it be that so many digital products fail deliver any inspiration when so many technology and digital media companies spend millions of dollars on design and user experience? Merely following user-centered design (UCD) practices by the book is not sufficient to create truly transformative digital products. In fact, despite UX teams’ following UCD processes, the digital product industry confronts this alarming paradox: More and more UX teams claim to follow user-centered processes, yet most digital products are mediocre or even substandard. And things won’t get easier. As interactions progress from clicks to taps and other gestures, traditional UCD processes will face even greater challenges. In this installment of our column, we suggest that one of the reasons for poor design execution is that UX teams need to own more than just design. We need to own front-end development. In fact, we argue that front-end development has always been more strongly aligned with design than with development. Read More

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