Peter Hornsby

Director at Edgerton Riley
Reading, Berkshire, UK

Peter Hornsby Peter has been actively involved in Web design and development since 1993, working in the defense and telecommunications industries; designing a number of interactive, Web-based systems; and advising on usability. He has also worked in education, in both industry and academia, designing and delivering both classroom-based and online training. Peter is a Director at Edgerton Riley, which provides UX consultancy and research to technology firms. Peter has a PhD in software component reuse and a Bachelors degree in human factors, both from Loughborough University, in Leicestershire, UK. He has presented at international conferences and written about reuse, eLearning, and organizational design.

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A column by Peter Hornsby
The Ethics of User Experience Design
November 2017
Frugal UX: A Jugaad Approach to Research and Design
September 2017
Complementing Your UX Skillset with Business Analysis
July 2017
Book Review: Webs of Influence: The Psychology of Online Persuasion
March 2017
Product Review: Whatusersdo
January 2017
Encapsulating User Experience
October 2016
An Interview with Nick Wiles, Head of User Experience at Atom Bank
July 2016
The Client, with Apologies to Edgar Allan Poe
April 2016
Book Review: UX for Beginners: A Crash Course in 100 Short Lessons
February 2016
Efficient UX Design Within an Organization
December 2015
An Interview with Louise McLennan, Designer of Elite: Dangerous
September 2015
Confessions of a Designer
June 2015
Writing Is Design, Too
April 2015
Review of SessionCam: User Observation 2.0
February 2015
Reinventing Banking: An Interview with Toby Sterrett of Simple
December 2014
Usability Testing Is Undermining UX Design
October 2014
Principles Over Standards
August 2014
Better Communication About UX Design
April 2014
An Interview with Victor Hsu
February 2014
It’s the Most Frustrating Time of the Year
December 2013
The Oculus Rift and User Experience
October 2013
I’m Not a UX Designer Anymore
August 2013
Augmented Cognition: A Future for UX?
May 2013
The User Experience of Iron Man
February 2013
Walking in a UX Wonderland
December 2012
An Interview with Jeff Atwood
October 2012
Recent Research in User Experience
August 2012
Effective Axure Development Through Component Reuse
June 2012
Refactoring Design and Incremental Development
April 2012
Cargo-Cult User Experience? There’s an App for That
February 2012
’Twas the Night Before Site Launch
December 2011
How to Annoy a UX Designer
November 2011
Product Review: Prototyping with Axure
June 2011
There Should Be Limits to Usability
April 2011
Book Review: The Design of Design: Essays from a Computer Scientist
January 2011
Applying Lessons from UML to UX
November 2010
Leveraging User Data by Embedding UX Design Knowledge in Products
September 2010
Supporting User Experience Throughout the Product Development Process
July 2010
Designing with Behavioral Economics
June 2010
Hierarchical Task Analysis
February 2010
Optimization: Applying Moore’s Law to User Experience
December 2009
Can UX Be Agile?
October 2009
Empowering Users to Create Their Own Software
August 2009
Reusing the User Experience
June 2009
Refactoring the User Experience
May 2009

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