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  1. How Artificial Intelligence Is Impacting UX Design

    April 19, 2021

    Today, every business sector and industry is incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) to automate processes, improve efficiency, and reduce costs, including the industry of digital transformation, which is using artificial intelligence specifically to improve the user experience.

    In this article, I’ll discuss some impacts of artificial intelligence on user experiences, what UX processes artificial intelligence can make more efficient, how artificial intelligence can help UX designers, and how artificial intelligence might affect UX design jobs in the future. Read More

  2. How AI and ML Are Transforming the Insurance Industry

    January 9, 2023

    The insurance industry is both characterized by and driven by data. The industry continually generates and processes large sets of data in delivering effective insurance services, including providing policy pricing, customizing insights, meeting company expectations, and analyzing market trends.

    With the world continuously evolving and witnessing extraordinary events such as the global COVID pandemic that inflicted over $55 billion in losses on the insurance industry, the industry’s emphasis on the vitality of existing technology solutions has surged. Plus, the executives and chairpersons of almost three-fourths of insurance-industry verticals are now pushing for innovations. Nearly half of them plan to upscale their expenditures on the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to enhance predictive analytics and neural networking and deploy robotic process automation. McKinsey has estimated that AI investments could potentially catapult the annual value of the insurance industry to $1.1 trillion! Read More

  3. Book Review: Human + Machine

    Leadership Matters

    Leading UX transformation

    February 4, 2019

    Cover: Human + MachineAs UX professionals, it’s important that we stay abreast of the latest technologies and consider how they might impact UX design. So, over the past year or so, I’ve read more than half a dozen books, as well as numerous articles on various aspects of artificial intelligence (AI)—ranging from highly technical books for developers to more accessible works whose targets are business leaders, product managers, or even the general public. The most valuable of these books: Human + Machine: Reimagining Work in the Age of AI, by Paul R. Daugherty and H. James Wilson. This book is targeted primarily at business leaders and the professionals who influence them. Anyone who works for a corporation that deploys software to achieve its business goals would benefit from reading this book—and today, that’s just about every business. Those in government and education should also read this book. In addition to applying its lessons to their own unique contexts and ensuring that the workforce is ready to contribute maximal value in the age of AI, they can also influence business leaders to choose the right path forward at this critical inflection point. Read More

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