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  1. Product-Delivery Methods

    September 21, 2020

    How can you take your idea for a product and make that idea into a reality? By conducting UX research, you can help your product owner to understand what value your team wants to deliver and determine whether an idea would generate sufficient return on investment (ROI). The product-design and delivery process helps you to successfully design, test, and release good products.

    The product-development lifecycle is substantially the same for almost any product—whether a physical product such as a vehicle or electronic device or a digital product for the Web or mobile devices. Some products have very complex, detailed acceptance criteria, while others might have very simple requirements, depending on their significance and influence on people’s lives and the economy. Read More

  2. Agile, Spiral, Lean, DevOps, and User Experience

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    A column by Janet M. Six
    May 17, 2021

    This month in Ask UXmatters, our expert panel discusses whether UX designers still receive frequent requests for agile, or whether they’re now receiving more requests for spiral, Lean, or DevOps. Our panelists also explore whether the rise of these other methodologies has affected the UX designs they create.

    Our experts first discuss what agile means and confront the reality that different organizations often implement agile in different ways. The panel then considers the impact of whether an organization implements agile across the entire company or only on individual teams. The root motivation for requesting agile, spiral, Lean, or DevOps is also important: why is the organization asking for a particular methodology? Is it really the methodology that the company wants or certain attributes of the resulting designs. Or maybe they request the methodology with the expectation that it would reduce the time or financial investment that would be necessary. Read More

  3. Citizen Developers as Innovators

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    A column by Baruch Sachs
    May 17, 2021

    “Innovation happens when people are given the freedom to ask questions and the resources and power to find the answers.”—Richard Branson

    While Gartner coined the concept of a citizen developer about a dozen years ago now, this past year has accelerated the maturation of that term and clarified its meaning. The global pandemic has really forced organizations to become very specific and mindful about their business goals, as well as the outcomes that are necessary to meet those goals, which have become both more acute and less specific.

    Individual groups within an organization might feel a deep pull to take greater control of the achievement of business goals. Organizations are increasingly seeing citizen development as a fundamental way of enabling the realization of their business goals, while enabling and motivating their workforce during very challenging times. However, citizen development is not without its own set of struggles, nor is it a magic bullet. The no-code platforms that enable citizen development have become easier to use and more prevalent. Plus, their ease of use has actually brought citizen development—as well as what it is and what it is not—into sharper focus. If anything, it has become even clearer that citizen development is more of a mindset than an actual role or tool. Read More

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