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  1. User Experience and the Big Picture, Part 1: Problems, Problems

    January 20, 2020

    This is Part 1 of a three-part series in which I’ll ultimately present some radical thinking about how we could improve the software-development lifecycle (SDLC) and the key role that UX professionals can play in achieving this improvement.

    Those of you who are familiar with my other UXmatters articles—such as “Are You Still Using Earlier-Generation Prototyping Tools?”—are aware that I’ve given a great deal of thought to making the UX function more effective and efficient. If you’re familiar with some of my other articles—such as “Agile Problems, UX Solutions, Part 1: The Big Picture and Prototyping”—you’ll also understand that I’ve given even more thought to making the entire SDLC more effective and efficient, and the key role that User Experience plays in this important goal. Read More

  2. User Experience and the Big Picture, Part 2: Lessons Learned

    February 24, 2020

    In Part 1 of this three-part series, I discussed some key remaining problems with the software-development lifecycle (SDLC) as teams now typically realize it—in particular, those problems relating to the profession of User Experience. In that article, I pointed out how the analysis of problems generally leads to our learning the lessons on which we ultimately base our solutions.

    Now, in Part 2, I’ll explore the key lessons that I’ve learned through the efforts of my company Ax-Stream to improve the SDLC, then set out the basis of the proposed solutions that I’ll present in Part 3.

    In discussing how to improve the SDLC, I’ll employ the perennial comparison between large software-engineering projects and civil-engineering projects. People often draw this comparison because both types of projects are typically novel, complex, expensive, time consuming, critically important, and involve significant risk. However, unlike software-engineering projects, civil-engineering projects usually tend to proceed as expected and come in roughly on time and on budget. Read More

  3. Product-Delivery Methods

    September 21, 2020

    How can you take your idea for a product and make that idea into a reality? By conducting UX research, you can help your product owner to understand what value your team wants to deliver and determine whether an idea would generate sufficient return on investment (ROI). The product-design and delivery process helps you to successfully design, test, and release good products.

    The product-development lifecycle is substantially the same for almost any product—whether a physical product such as a vehicle or electronic device or a digital product for the Web or mobile devices. Some products have very complex, detailed acceptance criteria, while others might have very simple requirements, depending on their significance and influence on people’s lives and the economy. Read More

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