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  1. How Contactless Technology Is Transforming the Consumer Experience

    January 10, 2022

    COVID-19 has shifted the manner in which we interact with each other and with our surroundings—in ways both large and small. The physical health of themselves and their families are the top concerns of consumers worldwide, and this shift in their thinking has accelerated the growth of the contactless economy. A recent report from Deloitte, “Contactless Economy: Are you prepared?” defines five drivers of the contactless economy that will persist far beyond the COVID-19 crisis:

    1. Hyper-awareness of health and safety
    2. Digitally enabled consumers’ maintaining a sense of normalcy
    3. 5G as the force multiplier
    4. The rise of the human-experience platforms
    5. The rise of the new cloud native-enabled technology architectures Read More

  2. What Is a Good User Experience?

    A Better Future

    Designing for good in a changing world

    A column by Sarah Pagliaccio
    October 4, 2021

    Welcome to the first edition of my new column: A Better Future: Designing for good in a changing world. My hope is that this column will be a natural extension of the two series I’ve previously written for UXmatters, “Understanding Gender and Racial Bias in AI” and “The State of UX Design Education.” My goal is to continue educating myself and this community on the good, the bad, and the ugly of the future of design, with a focus on the perils of designing in an artificial intelligence (AI)–powered world and what we, as UX designers and researchers, can do to address these challenges.

    To get us all on the same page about capital G, good design, I’m kicking off my column with a discussion about design ethics. This topic feels particularly relevant given the recent news from Menlo Park, California. As I write this, The Wall Street Journal has released The Facebook Files, investigative research that concludes what many of us have suspected for years: Facebook has some special rules for elite users. Instagram is toxic for teenage girls. Facebook is an angry place and makes the world an angrier place. Read More

  3. User Experience Is a Feeling

    October 6, 2014

    Many people seem to think of user experience as a controllable outcome of a design process—as though it were something at which you can throw minds, designers, and builders with the goal of understanding and manipulating a person’s experience of a product or service. In fact, user experience is often thought of as defining and managing a person’s experience of a product.

    But your product doesn’t define a user’s experience. That person’s own behavior, attitudes, and emotions do. Thus, user experience is a feeling. In reality, it’s even more than that, but if you start with the idea that user experience is a feeling, you’ve already made progress toward really understanding user experience. Read More

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