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  1. Why User Personas Matter in UX Design

    August 22, 2022

    Good UX design enables businesses to attract customers to their products and services. According to one study, a well-designed user interface can increase a product’s sales by up to 200 percent, while an outstanding UX design can increase sales by 400 percent. Users have come to expect a positive user experience, so this is now a requirement for all applications.

    Organizations can benefit from creating user personas. A user persona is a fictitious character who interacts with your company and its products or services. You can define the personal characteristics of basic personas, including their demographics. More advanced personas can be behavioral, goal-based, or both, for design and marketing. Actual users should be able to identify with the personas you’ve created to ensure they have a positive experience on your Web site or in your app. Consumer demands can aid system design by helping you to determine how a product can meet the normal standards of consumers belonging to diverse fields, age groups, and places. Creating personas can be an excellent way of collecting data and attaining this goal. Read More

  2. My IA Summit 2006 Experience: Part 3: The Conference: Day 2

    April 14, 2006

    Conference: Day 2: Sunday

    Sunday was another great day at the Summit. Many of the panels I attended during the Summit failed to capture my interest, but two of the best were the back-to-back panels about wireframing and alternative methods of creating design documentation on Sunday. Read More

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