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  1. Evolving the User Experience to Curb Digital Addiction

    March 18, 2024

    Over the last decade, the ways in which we experience technology have undergone significant changes. We’ve progressed from checking our email messages in a computer’s Web browser to receiving email notifications on our smartphone. Instant-messaging communication has transitioned from chatting on the desktop application Yahoo Messenger to conversing with family and friends in WhatsApp groups. Social-media apps on smartphones have transformed to become instantaneous broadcasts of our life experiences. Marking an important paradigm shift, technology has influenced every aspect of our communications, from shopping to education to gaming.

    The rapid growth of smartphones and advancements in their operating systems have resulted in a surge in mobile-app usage and our increasing dependency on these apps. However, some app-development companies have misused UX design principles and even our understanding of human psychology to boost their profits—particularly major organizations and especially those in the social-media industry. Read More

  2. Designing Mobile Banking Apps

    July 25, 2022

    Today, banking apps are in wide use among consumers, not just professionals. Leading banks cooperate with experienced financial technology, or fintech, software-development companies to create efficient banking solutions that can meet the requirements of any customer.

    In this era of increased mobility, digital services are becoming more and more popular. Therefore, it is vitally important to offer customers both Web services and mobile apps. Customers want to be able to manage their money in most situations and do it in the easiest way possible: using a mobile app. Their comfort of use greatly depends on a mobile app’s design.

    In this article, I’ll consider the importance of UX design when developing mobile-banking solutions. Read More

  3. 5 Ways Augmented Reality Can Increase Ecommerce Sales

    May 8, 2023

    Ultimately, the success of an ecommerce business depends primarily on its ability to attract and retain customers. One way to attract and retain customers consistently is to provide a great customer experience. In recent years, augmented reality (AR) has emerged as a powerful tool for achieving this goal.

    AR can help boost ecommerce sales by offering innovative ways of providing customers with extensive product information. Customers are more likely to purchase when they have an in-depth understanding of a product. According to research, creating AR experiences for products can increase conversion rates by up to 94%.

    In this article, I’ll explore five ways in which AR can increase ecommerce sales and transform the ways in which customers shop online. Read More

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