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  1. How to Improve UX Design Through A/B Testing

    April 11, 2022

    As UX designers, we all strive make technology products accessible, usable, and enjoyable for human beings to use. From making changes to an existing product to designing a completely new product, we must always consider what is best for the overall user experience. After all, the user experience is a critical factor in building a bridge between your brand and your customers.

    UX designers may face situations in which multiple solutions might seem correct. The dilemma they face in such a situation is how to choose the optimal solution from among several. To identify the best solution among them, test all of the solutions. When you’re testing just two solutions, this method is called A/B testing, or split testing; when you’re testing several, multivariate testing. Read More

  2. The 9 Best A/B Testing Tools: How Using Them Can Improve Your User Experience

    June 11, 2018

    It’s important for Web site visitors to be able to easily and comfortably find what they’re looking for. A better user experience translates into better conversion rates, as well as happier visitors and customers.

    You can use A/B testing tools to support these goals. A/B testing is about putting multiple versions of a page up on a Web site and comparing their performance. How you measure performance is up to you. You can prioritize conversions, downloads, or some measure of user experience such as engagement, time on site, or user satisfaction.

    In other words, A/B testing doesn’t have to be just about sales and conversions. As long as you have something to measure, A/B testing is a tactic you can use to support your goals for improving a Web site’s user experience. Read More

  3. A/B Testing in 7 Steps to Quickly Improve Your Conversions

    September 5, 2022

    A/B testing, also known as split testing, is a process of comparing two versions of a Web page, application, or campaign to see which one performs better. By running A/B tests on your Web site’s UX design, email newsletter copy, or social-media ads after making small design changes with the goal of improving them, you can see which version produces the best results and increases your conversions.

    In this article, I’ll discuss some effective approaches to doing A/B testing that can quickly improve your conversions. Read More

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