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Process: Collaboration

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  1. Blind Spot: Illuminating the Hidden Value of Business

    June 5, 2017

    This is a sample chapter from the new Two Waves book Blind Spot: Illuminating the Hidden Value of Business, by Steve Diller, Nathan Shedroff, and Sean Sauber. 2016 Rosenfeld Media.

    Chapter 10: Design

    Blind SpotAt this point in your journey, it’s time to start making touchpoints. Let’s face it—this can be a little scary. All of the work you’ve done so far has been preparation for that big blank sheet of paper—or nowadays, more likely, a screen—that you’ll use to create ideas and concepts, and develop them into something new. Needless to say, many find this a disorienting and difficult moment. Many businesspeople treat this phase as just another check box on the to-do list.

    It’s not.

    Designing the offering is the most complex phase, the most critical, and although incredibly ambiguous and anxiety-producing for those who feel safe with a set recipe, the most fun. Read More

  2. Riding the UX Horse to Create Empowered, Successful, Loyal Users

    Dramatic Impact

    Theater and the creative process of design

    A column by Traci Lepore
    April 24, 2017

    In an ever-changing field such as User Experience, it is sometimes good to step back from the whirlwind for a moment and get back to the basics. This is especially true today, when design trends are leaning more and more toward service design rather than product design. Often, users no longer want just a product. They want an entire ecosystem that supports and enhances their experience. Thus, they’ve raised the bar. Today, for companies to achieve their business goals, we need to meet users’ high expectations, which are higher than ever before. We need to deliver an ideal user experience.

    In this column, I’ll discuss how User Experience and Product Management (PM) can work together to deliver ideal experiences and create empowered, successful, loyal users. Read More

  3. Reflections on Making Meaningful Work

    November 20, 2017

    We just presented at CanUX 2017, in Ottawa, Canada. Like all good conferences, Can UX created a place for community, conversations, learning, and connecting with local and global practitioners. The conference provided reminders of why we do what we do and opportunities to look at practice patterns that may connect to the practices we use in our own project work. This experience definitely prompted some reflections on our intention to make meaningful work. When asking how we can make meaningful work, we should consider the following core elements:

    • character—We must be aware of the dimensions of individuals and teams that contribute to identity, values, beliefs, intention, and impact.
    • perspectives—Our character forms our essential perspectives.
    • barriers—It is important to recognize the barriers that get in the way of our seeing all the dots we must connect.
    • intersections—These are the connections between the dots—whether those dots are people, disciplines, roles, or the conditions that are necessary to promote and harness meaningful conversations.
    • impacts—The impacts of our work include those on ourselves, our teams, our communities, and the entire planet. Read More

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