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  1. Overcoming Common Barriers to Collaboration, Part 1

    Leadership Matters

    Leading UX transformation

    October 9, 2017

    “Organizations…often develop barriers that hinder information sharing and collaboration. … The job of a leader is to spot these barriers and tear them down….”—Morten T. Hansen

    Organizations differ in their ability to collaborate within and across teams and business units. A unique combination of organizational, cultural, and interpersonal barriers to collaboration afflicts any organization that is experiencing difficulty collaborating. Therefore, to assess their organization’s ability to collaborate, leaders must first determine what barriers to collaboration exist within their organization. One effective way of doing this is to conduct a survey to identify which of the behaviors that hinder collaboration commonly occur within their organization.

    Once leaders understand what dysfunctional behaviors are preventing their people and teams from collaborating effectively, they must tailor solutions to address the specific barriers to collaboration that exist within their organization. They must motivate their people to change the behaviors that are preventing or diminishing the success of collaboration within and across teams and business units.

    In this column, I’ll describe some common organizational, cultural, and interpersonal barriers to collaboration and provide solutions for overcoming them. To create a culture of collaboration, an organization must overcome these barriers. Read More

  2. Collaboration and Transparency: The Keys to Effective Organizations

    July 15, 2019

    Have you ever spent a lot of time and effort on a project that you thought would be really exciting and impactful, but the big announcement barely registered with your audience—or perhaps you realized it was way off the mark? Or have you ever worked on something only to realize that another team was undertaking a similar project? Having experienced all of these situations, I’ve been focusing on working smarter. Communication, collaboration, and continuous feedback are essential to efficient, effective companies. Great teams are transparent and synergistic, continuously communicating—to avoid creating discrete silos and duplicative efforts—streamlining their work, and combining cross-functional expertise to achieve better outcomes.

    Share Your Work While It’s Still in Draft Form

    Iteration is a core component of design thinking and user research. Sharing your work early and often is a great way to gather constructive feedback and make sure you’re on the right path. Read More

  3. 7 Ways Web Developers and UX Designers Can Collaborate

    March 20, 2023

    If your organization wants to build a new Web site or product that provides an ideal user experience, you’ll need to collaborate with experts in a variety of disciplines. Today, people understand the importance of UX designers and Web developers partnering with each other to deliver the best possible outcomes.

    At many renowned companies, UX designers and Web developers work alongside each other throughout the design and development process. To maximize conversions on your Web site, you must create a user-centric site, so UX designers focus on all the user-related factors that Web developers often miss. In this article, I’ll discuss why UX design is so essential to a Web site’s success and how collaborative teams can deliver maximal results. Read More

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