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  1. Laying the Groundwork for Fulfillment

    The Designer in Focus

    Connecting creation with collaboration

    A column by Justin Dauer
    October 4, 2021

    In early September 2021, I gave the opening keynote “Our Imperatives: Connection and Fulfillment,” at UXPA International’s conference in Baltimore, Maryland. The crux of the talk revolved around how creating with a deep level of fulfillment translates to connection: both our own connection to our work and the connection of those who engage with our work. Really, in both cases, it’s all about connection, and this connection is no coincidence.

    When connection is at its strongest, our personal values are also at their highest level of fulfillment. In this column, I’ll explore more deeply just how powerfully our value system drives fulfillment over the course of our career. Read More

  2. Drawing Upon Baseline Values to Inform Connection

    The Designer in Focus

    Connecting creation with collaboration

    A column by Justin Dauer
    June 7, 2021

    Some touchpoints—values, really—exist between the ways in which we must engage with one another at work and the capacity we must create for engaging with those outside of business: humility, inclusion, compassion, and respect. These values lead to connection—to the benefit of our work and those who engage with it. These touchpoints are identifiable; we can leverage them; and they can show up in the smallest perceived dynamics.

    A Familiar Scenario

    For example, consider the simple act of planning a meeting. When you’re looking at people’s calendars, it can often be hard to find a single unit of time that is free for everyone. But somehow, someway, on most people’s calendars, the noon-to-1pm block of time always seems to be available. How is that possible? Read More

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