Walking in a UX Wonderland

Innovating UX Practice

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A column by Peter Hornsby
December 17, 2012

Alerts ring; are you listening?
On the screen, widgets glistening.
A beautiful site,
Our client’s happy tonight,
Walking in a UX wonderland.

Gone away is their old cruft,
Here to stay is our new stuff.
They love our new way.
They’re happy to pay.
Walking in a UX wonderland.

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On the whiteboard, we can draw new concepts.

We’ve lots of notions we can kick around.

We’ll have lots of fun exploring contexts,

Until our best ideas get shot down.

Later on, we’ll aspire,

As we test, on Kindle Fire.

To top of the line,

Responsive design,

Walking in a UX wonderland.

When sites go live, ain’t it thrilling,

People come; what are they feeling?

We’ll test and refine, our UX design,

Walking in a UX wonderland.

Walking in a UX wonderland,

Walking in a UX wonderland.


Director at Edgerton Riley

Reading, Berkshire, UK

Peter HornsbyPeter has been actively involved in Web design and development since 1993, working in the defense and telecommunications industries; designing a number of interactive, Web-based systems; and advising on usability. He has also worked in education, in both industry and academia, designing and delivering both classroom-based and online training. Peter is a Director at Edgerton Riley, which provides UX consultancy and research to technology firms. Peter has a PhD in software component reuse and a Bachelors degree in human factors, both from Loughborough University, in Leicestershire, UK. He has presented at international conferences and written about reuse, eLearning, and organizational design.  Read More

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