Uday M. Shankar

Director, Design and UX Engineering, at Methodics, Inc.
San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Uday M. Shankar Uday specializes in the art of managing expectations through prototyping and experimentation. He leads a Design Prototyping and Front-End Engineering group at HP’s User Experience Studio, where he works closely with UX designers, architects, and developers to create end-to-end experiences across the Web, tablets, and mobile devices. In his previous roles at Yahoo!, Nokia, Extreme Networks, and Zafin Labs, Uday has used various user interface technologies, including Java, Adobe Flex, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Node.JS, Handlebars/Mustache, and EJS to build rich Internet applications for the Web and mobile devices. Uday is a visiting faculty member at the National Institute of Design, India’s leading design school.

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