Isabelle Peyrichoux

Chief Research Officer at Brilliant Seeds LLC
San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Isabelle Peyrichoux Isabelle has 20 years of experience applying her research and analysis skills to User Experience and career exploration. With a multifaceted education and background in information science, psychology, coaching, personality differences, and relational mastery, she has contributed to innovative approaches in the fields of UX research and career exploration. Isabelle has created a step-by-step approach to career reinvention that goes beyond the limitations of traditional career counseling and has helped hundreds of people find fulfilling careers. Currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area, she has lived and worked in France, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Canada and has conducted several international user-research studies. As a user researcher, she has worked for companies such as Yahoo!, Bell Canada, and the French Speaking University Agency. An engaging speaker, Isabelle has given presentations and workshops for professional associations and conferences such as the IA Summit and at General Assembly. She will be speaking at the Association for Psychological Type International in 2021.

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