Top 13 Mobile App Ideas for Businesses to Launch in 2023

December 19, 2022

Among smartphone users, 90% spend time using mobile apps. The mobile-app development sector is thriving, with no signs of abatement. This is the big reason that developing a custom mobile app is such an attractive option for businesses.

However, coming up with a concept for a million-dollar mobile app is not easy! Accordingly, ideating and validating mobile-app concepts is essential before embarking on design and development. This is the first step toward creating an excellent mobile app that can succeed in the marketplace.

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What are some great mobile-app ideas for 2023? Let’s consider 13 mobile app ideas that various thought leaders have proposed:

  1. Virtual-reality (VR) travel apps
  2. Personal assistants that are powered by artificial intelligence (AI)
  3. On-demand fuel-delivery apps
  4. Healthcare apps with artificial intelligence
  5. Nonfungible tokens (NFTs) marketplace
  6. Parking-place app
  7. Augmented-reality (AR) apps
  8. Artists’ social-media platform
  9. Blockchain apps
  10. Authenticity checkers
  11. Appointment-scheduling apps for salons and more
  12. Internet of Things (IoT) healthcare apps
  13. Apps for people with chronic illnesses

1. VR Travel Apps

The post-pandemic travel industry is growing and digital nomads are on the rise—not only because people had been bound to their homes for a prolonged period but also because of our new remote-work culture. Therefore, launching a VR travel app now makes perfect sense. The idea is to showcase cities, streets, lakes, mountains, beaches, and other epic locations via VR apps. VR apps would be perfect both for armchair travelers who are still sheltering in place and those who are planning trips to such locations soon. They would also meet the needs of other audiences such as people who can’t afford to travel, are too busy, get motion sickness, or have any other reason for not being able to explore the world.—Daniel Foley, Director of Marketing, SEO Stack

2. AI-Powered Personal Assistants

One popular mobile-app idea for 2023 is an artificial-intelligence (AI) powered personal assistant that can monitor your health and, based on your lifestyle goals, remind you when it’s time to eat, drink, take medications, exercise, or sleep. Such an app could also provide insights into your daily routine so you can make smarter decisions about how best to live your life. Virtual assistants such as these are becoming more and more common and help people to do everything from booking appointments to ordering food.—Paw Vej, Chief Operating Officer,

3. On-Demand Fuel Delivery Apps

In 2023, on-demand fuel delivery could be a game changer for those constantly on the go. Such an app would let users request a fuel delivery directly to their location. No more stopping at gas stations or waiting in lines. On-demand fuel delivery is the future, and this app would revolutionize how we refuel our vehicles. Not only would this app provide convenience and save you time, it would also offer competitive pricing. Imagine never having to worry about your gas tank running low again.—Ryan Rottman, Co-founder and CEO, OSDB Sports

4. Healthcare Apps with AI

Both clinical staff and clinicians could benefit from artificial intelligence (AI) automating or augmenting their work, which is in huge demand for these time-pressured professionals. In the future, we’ll automate many repetitive tasks, and artificial intelligence can both help healthcare professionals perform their jobs better and improve patient outcomes. With AI in healthcare, in addition to being able to automate tasks, the analysis of big patient datasets will deliver better healthcare faster and at a lower cost. Insider Intelligence reports that 30% of healthcare costs relate to administrative tasks, so AI can have a profound impact on modernizing our healthcare ecosystems by creating greater efficiencies and delivering breakthroughs that we cannot possibly imagine today.—Vipul Shah, COO, Ace Infoway

5. NFT Marketplace

Digital nonfungible tokens (NFTs) have taken the blockchain industry by storm. Services are selling them for thousands and even millions of dollars. Creators from all over the world have joined the NFT marketplace to try their luck. While this trend is on the rise, there are still few such online marketplaces. Based on consumer research and your own customer research, you could conceive of and introduce a unique NFT marketplace. Many of your app’s users would likely be creators who would make the app popular. Or you could introduce an app that compares different tokens, artworks, or prices for buyers who are buying NFTs via crypto—all through your one platform.—Gerrid Smith, Chief Marketing Officer, Joy Organics

6. Parking-Place App

Finding a good parking spot is something we all struggle with from time to time—no matter where we are in the world. This is especially true in the busiest cities such as New York, where you’re lucky if you can find a parking place at all. Introduce a booking app for parking that folks can use anywhere—whether to book a parking spot from home or while sitting stuck in traffic. This app would be especially great for employees who commute to work daily, work nine-to-five, and must spend time trying to find the perfect parking spot. This app should locate nearby parking spots, offer reasonable prices, and provide digital receipts as proof of payment. Get creative with this idea after doing in-depth consumer research, so you can make your app more solution driven.—Kenny Kline, President & Financial Lead, BarBend

7. Augmented-Reality Apps

If you've ever played Pokémon GO or similar games that incorporate augmented reality (AR), you’ve just touched the tip of the iceberg of the future of mobile gaming. Augmented reality, which layers virtual objects and other content on top of real-world spaces, is continuing to open up huge opportunities for new mobile-app experiences. Think of this as a user interface for real life. Then, you can give your users the experience of traveling to separate, virtual spaces by way of the Metaverse. Imagine users who are on the go. They might either hold their mobile device up or wear glasses that highlight the nearest coffee shop—no map-reading skills required. If they’re going to that location to do work, they could open up a virtual office in the Metaverse or instantly connect with colleagues within a digital environment. The possibilities are limitless, and this is what mobile-app developers should be looking at.—Dennis Consorte, Digital Marketing & Leadership Consultant for Startups, Snackable Solutions

8. Artists’ Social-Media Platform

One mobile-app concept that really stands out is the development of a social-media platform specifically for artists. It would provide a space for artists to connect with one another, share their work, and receive feedback from their peers. Such a platform would also be a great way for artists to discover new talent and collaborate on projects.—Peter Beeda, Chief Operating Officer, FHALend

9. Blockchain Apps

Blockchain technology has recently risen to the top of software-development trends. Therefore, one of the most popular app ideas for companies in 2023 will be creating mobile apps that use blockchain technology. The popularity of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has increased the demand for financial mobile apps that are built on blockchain technology. Users could track their investments, transmit and receive digital currency, and do much more using these apps. If you're planning to enter the mobile-app development industry, this could be the place to start. It makes sense to get ahead of the curve with these kinds of projects because the industry expects blockchain technology to become increasingly popular in the future.—Alexandra Cotes, Social Media & Marketing Director, FlowerCompany

10. Authenticity Checkers

Nowadays, people can purchase practically any product online, but there is an issue with online shopping: the prevalence of knockoffs and false brands. An app that could scan a product’s barcode and confirm its legitimacy would greatly improve customers’ shopping experience. This mobile-app concept would be even more beneficial if such a platform could also compare prices across all retailers offering an item.—Tiffany Payne, Head of Content, Pharmacy Online

11. Appointment-Scheduling Apps for Salons

This, in my opinion, is one of the best apps to create in the upcoming year, given how dramatically the beauty business has expanded and how many services and goods are now available for purchase. But this business domain currently lacks any comprehensive, customizable platform that is user-friendly and would save women time in scheduling all such appointments. Small businesses could work with suppliers of beauty services to offer their customers special discounts when ordering several different or recurring procedures and, thus, increase their patronage and their profits.—Nely Mihaylova, Content Executive, Scooter Guide

12. IoT Healthcare Apps

The Internet of Things (IOT) is tracking more and more data, using an increasingly wide array of devices and tools. These devices surround us throughout our daily activities, but often don’t communicate with one another. The data is currently siloed in devices from different brands. Imagine the benefits of producing a single repository of data that would pull health and wellness insights and information into one platform. This would break down the walls between brands and provide a single holistic IOT healthcare dashboard, whose data would be shareable with healthcare professionals. This could result in one of the biggest shifts in healthcare practice.—Sam Johnston, CMO & Co-founder, nth Venture

13. Apps for People with Chronic Illnesses

One mobile-app idea that stands out is an app that would help people with chronic illnesses connect with others who have similar conditions. This could be an important tool for helping people to manage their health issues more effectively and get support from others who understand what they’re going through. A chronic-illnesses app should provide a comprehensive list of chronic illnesses, as well as detailed information on symptoms, treatments, and medication regimens. Plus, the app could offer a variety of tools to help patients track their symptoms, medications, and appointments. This app would be a valuable resource for anyone dealing with a chronic illness. Developers could easily monetize and scale such an app.—Ram Thakur, Founder, Solution Suggest


There are many great mobile-app ideas out there for 2023. With 6.6 billion smartphone users globally, mobile phones are today’s most significant marketing tool. There is no doubt that people are using their phone more than ever before, so having a mobile app for your business is essential. However, just having a concept for your mobile app isn’t enough. You’ll ultimately need the right strategy for designing, developing, and publicizing your mobile app. 

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