How Mobile-App Experiences Are Transforming the Gaming Industry

July 24, 2023

In today’s digital world, mobile apps are revolutionizing the gaming industry. Millions of tech-savvy people now spend a significant amount of time each day playing online games on their smartphone and tablet. In fact, they’ve become so engrossed in playing online games that they can’t imagine their life without such games as Mario, Clash of Clans, Candy Crush, PUBG, and Subway Surfers.

Some of these popular games have billions of users worldwide, and their owners have become billionaires. Developing an immersive mobile game for global users can be a highly profitable business venture, attract billions of users overnight, and generate massive revenues for the app’s owners.

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Some Popular Games and Their Revenues

Table 1 shows the revenues of some popular mobile games.

Table 1—Gaming-app revenues
App Revenue ($billion)

Honor of Kings


PUBG Mobile


Candy Crush Saga


Genshin Impact




Monster Strike


Coin Master


Pokemon Go


Uma Musume Pretty Derby


Romance of Three Kingdoms


The US market generated $41.33 billion in revenues in 2023, dominating the mobile-gaming marketplace. The global market for mobile gaming is expected to reach a 12.3% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) and $338 billion by 2030. According to Statista, by the third quarter of 2022, there were more than 490 thousand mobile apps available on the Google Play Store, which represented growth of 2.57% in comparison to the first quarter of 2015, as Figure 1 shows.

Figure 1—Mobile-app growth on the Google Play Store
Mobile-app growth on the Google Play Store

This data is a testament to the rapid growth of mobile apps, which is revolutionizing the global gaming market. The gaming industry is transforming—all thanks to the top mobile-app development companies in the USA.

But how are these mobile-app development companies transforming the gaming industry? Let’s take a deeper dive to understand the role of mobile-app development companies in the USA that are building cutting-edge gaming applications that are revolutionizing the entire gaming industry.

The Role of Mobile-App Experiences in Transforming the Gaming Industry

The leading mobile-app development companies in the USA and worldwide are developing cutting-edge mobile apps and software. They are the driving force behind the massive growth of the gaming industry. These technologically advanced gaming platforms provide immersive experiences to users and bring together thousands of gamers from different corners of the world to compete with one another.

There are several factors in the growth of mobile apps for the gaming industry, as follows:

  • increased user engagement—State-of-the-art gaming apps let users play various online games without any geographical restrictions. Because they are free from the barriers that distance could present, users are more interested in playing their favorite games and are engaging more with gaming platforms. Plus, these games let users compete against different players from different regions of the world in real time, making their gaming experience more exciting and challenging. This leads to improved user retention and monetization opportunities for app owners. Moreover, it has become more appealing for gaming companies to launch new types of games and introduce new features, thereby further increasing user engagement.
  • better gaming experiences—With the advent and advancement of emerging technologies such as artificial reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and artificial intelligence (AI) in gaming software and apps, users can access even more immersive experiences while enjoying their favorite games online. These AR and VR technologies can create an immersive gaming environment that takes users to a different world. Plus, they add a new level of interactivity to games, making them more engaging and entertaining. With such superior experiences, users are more likely to play and engage with these gaming apps, thus leading to greater revenues and the growth of the gaming industry overall.
  • cross-platform gaming—Mobile-app development companies are using various programming languages and technologies to build revolutionary games that users can play across multiple platforms, including mobile phones, tablets, computers, and gaming consoles. These cross-platform gaming platforms allow gamers to experience an unparalleled gaming experience, regardless of the device they’re using.
  • cloud-based gaming—A revolutionary concept that has gained worldwide traction in the gaming industry is cloud-based gaming, which lets players stream games directly to their digital devices, without any need for expensive gaming consoles. Cloud-based games are more cost-effective than traditional gaming consoles, making them more accessible to gamers. This online gaming market is attracting an increasing number of people and, thus, creating a much larger global gaming community. Gamers can stream cloud-based mobile games on any device, making gaming more accessible and engaging for users than ever before.
  • seamless connectivity with 5G—The introduction of 5G to the digital world has further transformed the gaming landscape, again making it more accessible and engaging. With gaming apps that support 5G, players can enjoy low-latency, high-speed gaming experiences. This means players can access smooth gameplay and fast loading times without any lag or connectivity issues. Previously, before the invention of 5G, slow loading times, low speeds, and lags in gameplay were common issues for gamers that detracted from the gaming experience. However, by leveraging 5G bandwidth, mobile-app developers in the USA can now create even more advanced applications and provide immersive experiences to their players.
  • adoption of the free-to-play model—Mobile-app game developers have adopted the free-to-play model, allowing users to download and play games for free. How do these companies make money? They generate revenues through in-app purchases. Players buy virtual items and additional features that can enhance their gaming experience. This model is highly popular among players and benefits both users and gaming companies alike. A burgeoning number of businesses are investing in the free-to-play model and attracting growing fanbases.

No wonder the easy accessibility of high-end smartphones and best-in-class gaming applications with HD displays, unusual graphics, high-speed processors, and a range of other features are the driving force behind this massive transformation of the gaming industry. However, building cutting-edge gaming apps that can attract global users requires a team of professionals with creative minds, technical expertise, and, most importantly, effective storytelling who can deliver advanced gaming apps within budget.

Many mobile-app development companies in the USA are building next-generation applications by leveraging emerging technologies such as AR, VR, and cloud gaming. The state-of-the-art gaming software and applications that they are developing are more accessible, engaging, and interactive than ever before. These apps are now the driving force behind the massive growth and transformation of the gaming industry and are reshaping and redefining the gaming landscape.

A Final Thought

Immersive mobile apps are transforming the global gaming marketplace and attracting a growing number of online game players. As a consequence, many businesses are coming up with the ultimate in online gaming ideas that are driven by intensely engaging games such as card games, casino games, car games, candy collectors, army games, and electronic-sports games such as cricket, tennis, soccer, swimming, and mountaineering. 

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