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  1. What Do Users Really Think About AI?

    Conscious Experience Design

    Designing for the evolving human+machine relationship

    A column by Ken Olewiler
    December 18, 2023

    As we enter 2024, artificial intelligence (AI) is part of virtually every product-design conversation. Companies are racing to incorporate AI into their products, hoping to push the limits of innovation to attract and engage customers and impact the business’s bottom line. As UX designers, our charter is always to create seamless relationships between users and digital products. AI represents a whole new field of possible experiences.

    Now, with AI ubiquitously underpinning so many new products, I believe the biggest challenge of 2024 will be thoughtfully placing AI at the forefront of innovation by understanding users’ perspectives, needs, concerns, and objectives. AI can and will do many amazing things. The big question is: what should it do?

    In this column, I’ll share some of my reflections regarding the adoption of AI by users, focusing particularly on what we’ve learned about their expectations and attitudes. Read More

  2. We’ve Got Generative AI. Now What?

    Conscious Experience Design

    Designing for the evolving human+machine relationship

    A column by Ken Olewiler
    October 23, 2023

    Generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI) has inspired action on many fronts! It seems that virtually every organization with a technology product has jumped on board and added assistive intelligence to their product. In the first half of 2023, investors have poured $14.1 billion into generative AI companies, across 86 deals. [1] AI, in general, is big business. According to Failory, there were 126 AI unicorn companies globally as of August 2023. [2] The industry domains receiving the most Gen AI investment include transportation, science and engineering, cyber security, health and wellness, and sales and marketing. Even the education, retail, agriculture, and sustainability marketplaces have received funding.

    The Gen AI race is on! Because of the widespread zeal for the adoption of Gen AI, many companies have rushed new products and functionality to market—often without answering essential questions such as the following:

    • How can we ensure that Gen AI augments workers rather than replaces them?
    • How can we ensure that we train AI on accurate, unbiased data?
    • How can companies and individuals protect data privacy—especially for sensitive data such as healthcare or financial information—once products have become ubiquitous in virtually every interaction and transaction. Read More

  3. Designing for Human-Machine Consciousness

    Conscious Experience Design

    Designing for the evolving human+machine relationship

    A column by Ken Olewiler
    August 21, 2023

    In today’s world, changes in humanity, technology, and culture have elevated User Experience to a state of rapid transformation. Unprecedented technological capabilities and heightened human sensitivities are reshaping the relationship between humans and machines, demanding new insights and expertise in product design. As UX designers, we must now shoulder the responsibility of shepherding this evolution, crafting product experiences that embody digital consciousness through more intelligent, immersive, systemic, and ethical interactions.

    Each aspect of this transformation reflects a core trait that defines our humanity: thinking, feeling, relating, and valuing. These four areas of transformation constitute the guiding tenets of what I call conscious experience design, and they set the framework for my view of the future of User Experience.

    Conscious experience design is a design practice that focuses on humanizing technology experiences in ways that drive positive value for humanity and society.

    In this column, I’ll explore each of these four areas of conscious experience design, the technologies that fuel innovation within each of them, and some fundamental questions about their application to new and reimagined products that touch and serve people. Plus, I’ll explore how conscious experience design influences the tools, technologies, and methodologies that affect the professional craft of design. Read More

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