Jim Ross

Principal UX Researcher at AnswerLab
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Jim Ross Jim has spent most of the 21st Century researching and designing intuitive and satisfying user experiences. As a UX consultant, he has worked on Web sites, mobile apps, intranets, Web applications, software, and business applications for financial, pharmaceutical, medical, entertainment, retail, technology, and government clients. He has a Masters of Science degree in Human-Computer Interaction from DePaul University.

You can read more of Jim’s thoughts on usability, user research, and user experience on his blog, Another UX Guy.

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Jim’s Column on UXmatters

Practical Usability

Moving toward a more usable world

A column by Jim Ross
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November 2022
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Your Baby is Ugly
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November 2016
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November 2015
UX Generalists or Specialists?
September 2015
Analysis Isn’t Cool
July 2015
Understanding Stakeholders Through Research
May 2015
Winning Over Wary Participants
March 2015
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January 2015
Recruiting User Research Participants by Email
November 2014
Conducting Large-Scale User Research
September 2014
Information Displays That Change Driver Behavior
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Designing Solutions for Unpleasant Tasks
May 2014
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Participatory Observation
January 2014
Becoming a Spy: Covert Naturalistic Observation
November 2013
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October 2012
Observing User Research
August 2012
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June 2012
Capturing User Research
April 2012
Communicating User Research Findings
February 2012
Career Advice for User Researchers
December 2011
The Ghost Hunter’s Guide to User Research
October 2011
Client Reactions to User Research Findings
August 2011
Comparing User Research Methods for Information Architecture
June 2011
User Research Is Unnatural, Part II: Making User Research More Natural
April 2011
User Research Is Unnatural (But That’s Okay), Part I
April 2011
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February 2011
It’s Not a Training Issue
December 2010
Recruiting Participants for Unmoderated, Remote User Research
September 2010
Recruiting Better Research Participants
July 2010
Doing User Research Faster and Cheaper
May 2010
Sustainable User Research
March 2010

Jim’s Articles on UXmatters

Jim’s Contributions to Ask UXmatters

Integrating User-Research Findings into Strategy
November 2018
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October 2017
Testing Products People Will Use in a Variety of Environments
September 2017
What to Do When You’re the Only UX Designer on a Project?
July 2017
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March 2017
Books That Have Influenced Our UX Careers, Part 1: Design
February 2017
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January 2016
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August 2014
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January 2014
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November 2013
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August 2013
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May 2012
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January 2012
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August 2011
Designing an Office Space That Encourages Great Design
February 2011
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September 2010
Using Visuals in Presentations for a Technical Audience
August 2010
Career Alternatives to Management | Best Design Practices for Blogs
July 2010
Putting a Paper Form Online | Avoiding Dropouts and False Information | Applying Aesthetics
April 2010
Pagination in Web Forms | Evaluating the Effectiveness of Web Forms
March 2010
Label Alignment in Long Forms | Paper Prototyping for Engineers
January 2010
Usability Testing with Time Constraints | Remote Usability Testing
December 2009
Usability Testing on a Budget
November 2009
Usability Testing Versus Expert Reviews
October 2009

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