Atul Handa

Design Operations Manager at IBM
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Atul Handa Atul is a seasoned UX leader with 16 years of industry experience. He has a Master’s in Information Technology and is also a certified user experience designer and researcher. His greatest strengths are in product strategy and UX best practices and methods within an agile world. He helps implement design thinking in tune with the latest standards and industry benchmarks. He also lends his expertise to bridging business goals and user aspirations, translating complex business ideas into actionable blueprints that he’s based on exhaustive user research. He has successfully led the design and development of Web and mobile products in a variety of domains. Beyond the digital world, Atul enjoys spending time with his frisky, two-year-old son. When time allows, he likes to get creative with his woodworking skills in his garage.

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