Christopher Noessel

Senior Design Lead, Watson Customer Experience, at IBM
San Francisco, California, USA

Christopher Noessel At IBM, Chris is bringing design goodness to artificial intelligence (AI). A thought leader in the UX community, he also teaches, speaks about, and evangelizes design internationally. His spidey-sense goes off semi-randomly, leading him to investigate and speak about a range of things from interactive narrative to ethnographic user research, interaction design to generative randomness, and designing for the future. Previously, as the first Design Fellow at Cooper, Chris designed products and services for a variety of domains, including health, financial, and consumer products. Chris is co-author of Make It So: Interaction Design Lessons from Science Fiction (Rosenfeld Media, 2012), co-author of About Face: The Essentials of Interaction Design, 4th Edition (Wiley, 2015), keeper of the blog Sci-Fi Interfaces, and author of Designing Agentive Technology: AI That Works for People (Rosenfeld Media, 2017). He is currently contemplating books about meaning machines and interfaces that improve their users.

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