Lisa Welchman

President, Digital Governance Solutions, at Active Standards
Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Lisa Welchman In a 20-year career, Lisa has paved the way in the discipline of digital governance, helping organizations to stabilize their complex, multi-stakeholder, digital operations. Lisa’s focus centers on understanding and interpreting how the advent and prolific growth of digitalimpacts organizations, as well as the maturation of digital as a distinct vocational discipline in the enterprise. Lisa began her career in digital in Silicon Valley in 1995, coding Web pages for Netscape, and was a program manager for Web publishing at Cisco Systems before establishing WelchmanPierpoint, a consultancy focused on large Web–site management, in 1999. At WelchmanPierpoint, Lisa conducted early governance projects and established the first structured methodology for assessing digital governance maturity for clients, including governmental agencies, NGOs, higher education institutions, and large multinational businesses. ActiveStandards acquired WelchmanPierpoint in 2014. Currently, Lisa speaks globally on issues related to digital governance, the rise of the Information Age, and the role of the information worker.

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