Daylon Soh

Founder and Design Educator at CuriousCore

Daylon Soh With more than ten years of experience working at the intersection of technology, design, and marketing, Daylon has worked with organizations at different scales, across various industries. He was previously Razer’s Global eCommerce Architect for the online-shopping experience and led a team of marketing and merchandising specialists, as well as a UX Designer. WeWork Labs, Daylon currently consults with and trains enterprises and mentors startups on UX design and product management and teaches at vocational-training schools across Singapore and Malaysia. He has also taught UX design and digital marketing at General Assembly, part time since 2015. As founder and design educator at CuriousCore, an educational institute that specializes in helping midcareer professionals break into the UX design industry, Daylon teaches business leaders the fundamentals of human-centered design (HCD) to help them solve business challenges.

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