Anastasia Maslakova

Senior UX Researcher at Smartsheet
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Anastasia Maslakova Anastasia is a seasoned UX researcher with over four years of experience dedicated to the field. With a strong command of various UX research methods and techniques, she has successfully conducted user-centric studies that informed design decisions and shaped impactful digital-platform transformations. Having worked at renowned organizations such as State Street in Boston, Anastasia has a wealth of experience in conducting user interviews, usability testing, heuristic evaluations, and surveys. Her expertise extends to analyzing qualitative and quantitative data to uncover valuable insights that drive user-centered design. As a key member of the UX research team at Smartsheet, Anastasia focuses on high-visibility areas that require a strong emphasis on user-centric design principles. Her passion for creating exceptional user experiences has consistently contributed to product success and furthered the advancement of the field of UX research.

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