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Sponsoring UXmatters

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If your company offers products or services for user experience (UX) professionals, sponsoring UXmatters provides an ideal way for you to reach your audience—the senior practitioners, managers, and executives who recommend and approve their purchase. Whether you develop software or hardware products, publish books, or organize conferences or other events for UX professionals, educate the UX professionals of the future, or are a recruiter who places UX professionals, consider sponsoring UXmatters. UXmatters publishes only ads that are relevant to the UX community.

If you manage a team of UX professionals and view UXmatters as an essential information resource for your team or want to let the UX community know you’re hiring, please consider sponsoring UXmatters. It’s a great way to show the UX community you really value user experience.

Publishing since November 2005, UXmatters is one of the preeminent Web publications focusing on user experience. Our columnists and authors are leading thinkers and active participants in the UX community. We publish new articles twice a month, and there are now over 200 articles in our archives, covering every aspect of user experience—from UX strategy and digital product design to user research and usability. Prominent information architect and publisher of Rosenfeld Media, Lou Rosenfeld said, “UXmatters will be required reading for the entire industry.”

Sponsorship Levels

UXmatters offers three levels of sponsorship at monthly and quarterly rates:

  • Champion:
    • Monthly—$1000
    • Quarterly—$2500 (a savings of $500)
  • Supporter:
    • Monthly—$800
    • Quarterly—$2000 (a savings of $400)
  • Friend:
    • Monthly—$400
    • Quarterly—$1000 (a savings of $200)

The level and time span of your company’s sponsorship determine its precise placement and the size of your logo or ad on UXmatters.

Your Logo or Ad on UXmatters

When you sponsor UXmatters, your company’s logo or ad appears in the same location on every page on our Web site rather than rotating across different pages. And your logo or ad links to your Web site, providing an easy and reliable way of leading our readers to your site.

Because UXmatters offers only a limited number of sponsorships—dictated by the limited space available for sponsors’ logos or ads on our site—your company won’t have a hard time competing for our readers’ attention.

Your Logo or Ad’s Placement

Our sponsors’ logos and ads appear beneath the navigation bar on the left of each page or in the sidebar on the right. Here’s what determines the order in which they appear:

  • Sponsorship level:
    • Champion—highest placement on the page
    • Supporter—next highest placement
    • Friend—lowest placement
  • Time span: At each level of sponsorship, the logos and ads of companies with quarterly sponsorships appear first, followed by those of companies with monthly sponsorships.
  • Subscription order: Within each sponsorship level and time span, logos and ads appear in the order in which we receive sponsorship subscriptions.

Renewing a sponsorship before it expires ensures that your company’s logo or ad retains its placement.

Image Specifications

The logo or ad that you submit to UXmatters must meet the following specifications:

  • Format—a rectangular GIF, PNG, or JPEG image (no animated GIFs)
  • Width—exactly 240 pixels

Your company’s sponsorship level determines the maximum height of your logo or ad, as follows:

  • Champion—a maximum of 300 pixels in height
  • Supporter—a maximum of 240 pixels in height
  • Friend—a maximum of 100 pixels in height

UXmatters reserves the right to refuse any ad that is inappropriate for our UXmatters audience or any image that does not meet our specifications.

Sponsors in the UXmatters Newsletter

The UXmatters newsletter goes out to all subscribers twice a month. Each newsletter includes a thank you to our sponsors, listing all sponsors at each level of sponsorship.

Our Audience

From our most recent UXmatters Reader Survey, in November 2012, and our Google Analytics data for 2012, here’s what we’ve learned about our readers.

Roles in UX

  • UX executives and managers—who make purchasing and hiring decisions for UX teams—32.2%
  • UX strategists—28.8%
  • UX analysts—23.7%
  • practitioners of design and user research—83.1%, including
    • UX designers—22.4%
    • information architects—5.2%
    • interaction designers—20.7%
    • user interface designers—5.2%
    • Web designers—5.2%
    • usability professionals—6.9%
    • user researchers—6.9%
  • academics and researchers—15.3%
  • students—6.8%

Years of Experience

  • more than 20 years—6.6%
  • 16–20 years—4.9%
  • 11–15 years—18%
  • 7–10 years—13.1%
  • 4–6 years—32.8%
  • 1–3 years—16.4%
  • less than 1 year—8.2%

Primary Project Focus

  1. mobile applications—74.6%
  2. Web applications—67.8%
  3. Web sites—64.4%
  4. tablet applications—45.8%
  5. desktop applications—44.1%
  6. intranets—35.6%
  7. cross-channel experiences—27.1%
  8. client/server applications—18.6%

Membership in Professional Associations

  1. IxDA—45.9%
  2. UXPA—45.9%
  3. SIGCHI—27%
  4. HFES—13.5%
  5. AIGA—8.1%
  6. IAI—8.1%

Most Popular Conferences

  1. UXPA—32%
  2. IA Summit—24%
  3. SXSW—16%
  4. CHI—20%
  5. UX Week—16%
  6. Usability Week—12%
  7. Interaction—8%
  8. UIE User Interface Conference—8%
  9. UX Australia—8%

Operating Systems

Site visitors were using the following operating systems in 2012, according to Google Analytics:

  1. Windows—59.36%
  2. Mac OS—29.35%
  3. iOS—6.91%
  4. Android—1.56%

Note—In 2012, 8.8% of all site visitors were using mobile devices, including tablets.


Site visitors were using the following Web browsers in 2012, according to Google Analytics:

  1. Chrome—40.72%
  2. Firefox—24.24%
  3. Safari—14.44%
  4. Internet Explorer—14.15%
  5. Android Browser—1.2%

International Audience

Our Google Analytics data for 2012 shows that UXmatters has a truly international audience from 211 countries and territories, on five continents:

  1. Americas—44.5%
  2. Europe—30.89%
  3. Asia—17.77%
  4. Oceania—3.96%
  5. Africa—1.79%

In 2012, the largest numbers of UXmatters visitors came from the following countries:

  1. United States—36.73%
  2. United Kingdom—9.4%
  3. India—6.28%
  4. Canada—4.18%
  5. Germany—3.31%
  6. Australia—3.3%
  7. The Netherlands—2.18%
  8. France—1.71%
  9. Brazil—1.7%
  10. Russia—1.58%

Site Statistics

Our Google Analytics site statistics for 2012 show that UXmatters received

  • 1,443,504 pageviews
  • 690,244 unique visitors

Figure 1 shows our Google Analytics Audience Overview for 2012; Figure 2, for January 2010 through December 2012.

Figure 1—Audience Overview for 2012

Audience Overview for 2012

Figure 2—Growth from January 2010 through December 2012

Growth from January 2010 through December 2012

As of February 10, 2013, our semi-monthly UXmatters newsletter has 5,134 subscribers, and UXmatters has 9,074 followers on Twitter.